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Make your hotel or resort recruiting process go places with our award-winning hiring platform. With just one click, deliver your expert-reviewed job post to 100+ job boards and thousands of interested eyes. Our customizable accommodations job templates are designed to perform everywhere top talent is looking for their next opportunity.

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Wizehire’s #1 asset is the same as yours: people. Our accommodations coaches leverage recruiting best practices in service of your goals. We’re here to help you personalize and perfect your hiring process every step of the way and grow your team with confidence.

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Stop the guesswork and start finding the right people with confidence. Identify exceptional staff faster with our innovative research-driven screening strategies. Spark quality connections with our interview guides that go miles beyond the resume. Our evaluation tools help you make the right hire the first time.

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Once you find your people, we make it easy to bring them on as official members of your hospitality team. Our step-by-step onboarding flow guides you through creating their employee profile, sending a legally-vetted offer letter, cashing in on any tax credits you may qualify for, and more—all directly from your Wizehire account.

“Being in the hospitality industry, soft skills are really important. People’s personalities and how they interact with the guests are extremely important. Wizehire is a lifesaver. We are able to get to candidates with the right personality within 24 hours—and we are able to hire them just like that!”

Tushar Patel

Hotel Owner, Best Western

“They over-deliver! The Wizehire coach team is professional, clear about their purpose and capabilities, and genuinely kind. They take feedback so sincerely and respond so completely. Using the platform has replaced antiquated, clunky systems I tried to use on my own. They created a great platform, and we have supercharged our ability to hire as a result.”

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Scot H.

VP Of Operations, Accommodations

“My focus on who I bring on is super important to me. Do they match the aptitude to do the work, and do they match my team culture? I was working 24/7 curled up with my laptop at midnight and doing administrative business that I didn't have time to do during the day, and now I can really focus on sales.”

Tammi Stuart

CEO & Founder, The Stuart Group

“The expert support is great, the team is refreshing, and people smile along the way. I'm happy to work with them. That's a win-win.”


Peter Twachtman

CEO, Lark Hospitality

Make the most of your job post

Attract top accommodations talent for your hotel, short-term rental, campground, or resort with customizable job templates designed to perform. Explore a sample of our optimized accommodations job descriptions below.

Accommodations industry hiring FAQs

How can we attract qualified candidates to our hotel or resort?

To attract qualified candidates, consider promoting job openings on industry-specific job boards and leveraging social media platforms. For in-person events like job fairs or visiting local hospitality schools or programs, send staff who people want to talk to at these events. Ideally, there’s a combination of entry level and aspirational roles at any in-person event. Ideally you can have your general manager and executive chef be there. If they can’t attend, then next in line would be hotel managers and sous chefs, along with cooks and front of house guest services employees. The goal is simple – attract people to career opportunities at your business. With just one click, Wizehire’s award-winning hiring platform enables you to increase the visibility of your job opportunity across 100+ job boards and attract a larger pool of qualified accommodations candidates.

What qualities should we look for when recruiting for hotel and resort positions?

While specific qualities may vary depending on the role, some important attributes to consider include excellent communication skills, customer service orientation, attention to detail, adaptability, and a positive attitude. You want to find team members that want to help. Gain objective insight into your candidate’s strengths, aptitude, and motivations with Wizehire’s exclusive DiSC+ personality assessment.

What should we include in our job postings to effectively communicate the position and attract the right candidates?

Your job postings should include a clear job title, a concise job description outlining if it is a full time or part time role. You should also list responsibilities and qualifications, information about your hotel or resort, compensation details, and clear instructions on how to apply. You need to make it clear that your business is an equal opportunity employer. Our team of Wizhire coaches will ensure your job posts and hiring process is optimized for your unique needs and is in compliance with any local, state, or federal laws.

How can we make our job postings stand out from the competition?

To make your job postings stand out, emphasize unique selling points such as employee benefits, wellness, training programs, career development opportunities, and any distinctive aspects of your hotel or resort. The information about your business should include perks and accessibility initiatives. That’s why it’s critical to spend time developing employee value proposition and sharing it with every member of your team.

How can hotels and resort managers save time and effort on their hiring process?

To streamline your hiring process, staying organized is a priority. The last thing you want to do is have good candidates fall through the cracks. Your hotel or resort must lean into technology, especially if you have multi-locations you are hiring for. Consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage applications, as well as software that automatically screens and assesses, and identifies the right person for your open roles. Our best-in-class platform can do all of this for you – watch this short 2 minute video. You’ll also want to conduct initial video or phone screenings before in-person interviews so you’re only spending your precious time on the right candidates. Wizehire’s comprehensive interview guides help you make the most of your time with each candidate.

What are the best practices for conducting effective interviews?

Prepare a set of structured interview questions for the role you are hiring for. A room attendant and assistant manager interview will not be asked the same questions. Each role should have their own unique set of questions. Ask questions that give candidates an opportunity to showcase their skills and use behavioral-based questions to assess past experiences. And lastly, this one’s important – ensure a consistent and fair interview process for all candidates. Wizehire coaches are experts in recruiting teams for your business.

How can hotel and resort employers ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires?

You or your human resources department must provide new hires with a comprehensive orientation that covers your hotel or resort’s policies, procedures, and expectations. Assign a mentor or buddy system to help them understand what they’re expected to do, and provide clear guidance and training materials. The onboarding process should be laid out as well. Make sure they are set up with their email, software, schedule, uniform, and everything else they need to be successful in the role on day one. Wizehire makes it easy to onboard new members of your team with a step-by-step onboarding guide, a growing suite of onboarding integrations, and an intuitive dashboard that enables you to manage your entire team in one place.

What training and development opportunities should we offer to our employees?

Offer both initial and ongoing training programs to enhance skills and knowledge. This could include customer service training, cross-training in various departments, and opportunities for career advancement.

What legal considerations should employers in the accommodations industry be aware of during the hiring process?

It’s important to be familiar with local labor laws, anti-discrimination regulations, and any specific requirements related to employment eligibility verification, background checks, and minimum wage laws.

Are there any specific certifications or licenses required for certain positions in the accommodations / lodging industry?

Depending on the role and location, certain positions may require certifications such as food handling permits, lifeguard certifications, or alcohol service licenses. Research local regulations to ensure compliance.

How can we improve employee retention in our hotel or resort?

Implement strategies such as offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, fostering a positive work culture, providing opportunities for growth and advancement, recognizing and rewarding employees, and conducting regular feedback and performance reviews.

What can we do to address turnover in entry-level positions?

Consider implementing training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career progression plans for entry-level employees. Providing a clear path for advancement can increase retention and motivation.

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