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We take care of our people!

Our benefits are bold because we genuinely care about our employees.

  • Be well, be you

    Get free, comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits.

  • Have the time you need

    Our flexible paid time off (PTO) policy means every employee is encouraged to take the time they need now to keep doing great work, long term.

  • Work from home in style

    We provide $500 stipend to spruce up your home office. Plus a laptop will be supplied for you.

  • Work from anywhere!

    You have a graduation on Sunday and can’t get back home on Monday - no problem work from anywhere! Or you want to travel around Europe and work - no problem! We have flexible hours to allow you to have a good work/life balance.

  • Train to be your best self

    We train you to grow both professionally and personally through our personalized training program via mentoring, conventions, workshops, etc. Plus, we practice “meet-less” Tuesdays and Thursdays with zero meetings. Because reaching your goals is a lot easier when you actually have the time to do it.

Our culture

Nurturing a work environment where everyone’s ideas are welcomed is healthy and smart. By being open-minded to new ideas, no matter how big or small, you’re breeding an inviting work culture. This is one of the biggest benefits of being a remote company.


Great ideas come from everywhere


Understanding others is key

Servant Leadership

Inspire confidence in others


We embrace change


We encourage you to be yourself

Fun Attitude

Enjoy life to the fullest

High Standards

Quality takes time


We take initiative


Determination accomplishes goals

Our team

Meet the people who power up the company

Elyse Tonkin

Product Specialist

Elyse is our product specialist who serves as a liaison between engineering and our coaching, marketing, and sales teams to ensure that we’re always developing efficient and high-quality products for our clients. She loves digging into data and using her expertise to suggest continuous improvements to our products and features. If you have a problem, Elyse is ready to solve it for you! Her background as a WizeHire hiring coach makes her an asset in this role because of her unwavering commitment to excellence. One of Elyse’s many outstanding qualities is her perseverance. She recently reached a notable milestone of 1,000 days in her commitment to a personal goal. Elyse graduated with her BS in Business Management from the University of Delaware. She’s also an excellent soccer player, pet mom, and aunt to 5 nieces and 3 nephews.

Darren Wu

Software Engineer

Darren is one of our all-star, full-stack software engineers with an emphasis on API design, system architecture, and product prototyping. His expansive work on engineering infrastructure and best practices has empowered our engineers so they can focus on making state-of-the-art products for our clients. In just his first six months here at WizeHire, Darren led mission-critical projects like establishing our billing system and API standardization. Prior to joining our team, he was working on his Bachelor’s degree at UT Austin, and graduated with an impressive 4.0 GPA. A fun fact about Darren is that he’s a little obsessed with Shiba Inus (he has more of these pups on his Insta feed than he does his friends.)

Ali Carriazo

Growth Marketing Associate

Ali is a sales ops associate who works on our marketing and sales teams. Her ability to bring her skills and expertise to both departments is one of the many things that makes her an asset at WizeHire. Before joining the team, Ali ran an eCommerce side hustle and studied abroad in Budapest while pursuing her BA in history at Cornell University. Shortly after her Hungarian excursion, she came back to the States freshly bitten by the travel bug and plans to take off for exciting new shores in 2020. (Look out, Serbia!) Ali loves singing in her free time, and may or may not use her shampoo bottle as an impromptu microphone.

Daria Tsenter

Full Stack Software Engineer

Daria began her career at WizeHire as an engineering intern and worked her way up to become one of our most skilled full stack developers. She loves working on new things that make the customer experience even better. One of the many things that makes Daria an asset to our team is her varied background. She graduated from NYU on an expedited track with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, has amassed an impressive quarter of a million YouTube following on her lifestyle channel, and she speaks four languages: English, Russian, Belarusian, and French.

Jay Niblick

Chief Strategy Officer

Jay Niblick was the co-founding CSO of Wizehire, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and well-respected expert in leveraging consultative tactics and psychometric technology to execute successful business strategies. Prior to WizeHire, Jay founded the software and personality profile company, Innermetrix. Over 20 years, he has guided over 10,000 corporations, and 7,000,000 of their employees, on human capital and strategic initiatives. Jay transitioned to the role of Chief Strategic Officer at Wizehire to allow him to continue his focus on new market opportunities, strategic growth and new research and development. Jay is also a decorated veteran who served in the special operations community of the US Navy. He holds a BS in organizational behavior from Tusculum University and is currently finishing an MS in human capital data analytics from Columbia University." His preferred method of relaxation is painting.

Carly Clark

Director of Visual Design

Carly is our Head of Visual Design. If you’ve been to our website, hired a great candidate with us, or checked us out on social media, you’ve seen Carly’s incredible work come to life. Carly has close to a decade of experience in UI/UX design, visual marketing, and brand strategy and is passionate about bringing creative solutions to the table that make our clients’ lives easier. When Carly isn’t creating the visuals for our newest features, she’s usually chilling out with some Chipotle with her husband Hunter and her golden retriever puppy, Cooper.

Alayene Patsches

Hiring Coach

Alayene is one of our expert hiring coaches. She brings with her decades of experience in management and telecommunications to give our clients best-in-class customer service. Prior to WizeHire, Alayene completed airline school and proudly served our country for 18 years in the military. She considers her biggest accomplishment to be a 14-mile marathon she completed in New Mexico in honor of her father for the Bataan and Corregidor Death March. In her free time, she loves hitting the beach, collecting starfish and seashells, and doing mosaic art.

Lauren Diep

Software Engineer

Lauren is one of our talented software engineers who helps bridge communication between the engineering team and our expert hiring coaches to make sure that when a client needs something, we build it. She graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in math and computer science, and held an internship at WizeHire before joining us full time. When Lauren’s not solving problems, she’s watching detectives solve mysteries on crime shows or shooting hoops.

Katherine Glidden

Director of Product Enablement and Growth

Katherine is the Director of Product Enablement and Growth at WizeHire. She’s instrumental in leading our team into new industries, elevating our brand, and driving website traffic. Her perseverance, resilience, and ability to mobilize strategic efforts are what make her an invaluable asset on our team. Prior to WizeHire, Katherine worked at WPP, the largest media conglomerate in the world. Her professional accomplishments in media complement her many personal talents: most notably, she’s an accomplished singer and was a finalist for pre-auditions on The Voice. Katherine loves to travel and has been to all 50 states except Alaska and 20 countries.

Leisha Scallan

Senior Visual Designer

Leisha Scallan is a Senior Visual Designer at WizeHire. She has over 10 years of experience in graphic design, character design, brand and identity, logo design, website design, and animation. Prior to WizeHire, Leisha was a creative media designer for the world’s leading provider of sewing and craft tools. In her free time, Leisha is busy being a new mom to her daughter, Livi, and loves line dancing! (Fun fact: she’s participated in over 10 flash mobs in her lifetime).

Kathy Bentz

Workforce Operations Manager

Kathy is our Chief Culture Keeper and was the first employee of the WizeHire crew, back when our company was a shiny new app, a few great people, and a lot of big ideas. There is almost no job at WizeHire that Kathy hasn’t had. She’s been a hiring coach, a marketing associate, and most recently, one of our most valued sales agents. In addition to the many hats she wears, Kathy also leads operation initiatives to help onboard new team members and ensure WizeHire preserves the culture and values we’ve worked hard to cultivate. Her background in customer service, entrepreneurship, and training and development provide the right mix to keep our team moving forward together. In her free time, Kathy plays competitive volleyball, enjoys spending time in nature, and loves biking, swimming, and birdwatching. Fun fact: Kathy can identify around 100 birds just by hearing their calls!

Chad Masso

Director of Product

Meet our Director of Product. If you’ve created a job ad on WizeHire, you’ve spent some time with Chad. He works diligently to make products that are intuitive, solve problems, and help clients hire faster and easier. Chad graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s in computer science. When he’s not working, he’s gaming or experimenting in the kitchen - trying to create the best morning brew or baked bread.

Mark LaPlume

Inside Sales Agent

Mark is one of our top-notch inside sales agents. His shining personality, work ethic, and passion for supporting people is what makes him an MVP on the Wizehire team. He loves helping clients understand how hiring the right people is key to growing your business. Mark has a demonstrated history of working in sales and management roles prior to WizeHire in the petroleum and gas, computer, and networking industries. Mark is also a Desert Storm and Combat Veteran and proudly served his country in the Navy for 10 years as a Field Medical Service Corpsman. In his free time, Mark loves spending time with his family, going fishing, and meeting new people.

Ritz Wu

Growth Engineer

If you’re reading this on our website, you’re seeing some of Ritz’s incredible work live. Ritz is an experienced growth engineer who sits between our marketing and engineering teams at WizeHire. She works on marketing and sales operations by creating data infrastructure and helps us continue to grow. Ritz has a background in research, new media, and digital art. When she’s not coding our website, creating more efficient systems for our teams, or improving our error handling, she enjoys visiting art exhibitions, learning new languages, and knitting.

Nick Carneiro

Vice President of Engineering

Nick runs the engineering team at WizeHire. He leverages his visionary and leadership skills to help our engineers make the best products for our clients. After stints writing software at a university railgun laboratory and IBM, Nick learned the ropes of HR tech on the product and engineering teams at Indeed, and helped open their San Francisco office. He holds a BS in electrical engineering and computer engineering from the University of Texas. When he isn’t coding computers to do his work for him, he enjoys advising early-stage software companies (and the occasional long walk along the beach).

Cory Wetzel

Hiring Coach Team Lead

Cory is an expert hiring coach and customer service guru who loves helping small business professionals make great hires. Her eclectic background in everything from tax collection to managing a small family-owned brewery makes her uniquely adept at connecting with clients. When she isn’t digging into customer data, optimizing systems, and elevating the WizeHire experience, Cory doubles as a gymnastics mom to her daughter and enjoys traveling, tent camping, and kayaking with her family.

Melissa Woodring

Director of Client Success

Melissa is our Director of Client Success and overall Chaos Coordinator both at WizeHire and at home. She leads our team of expert hiring coaches and works with them to constantly figure out ways to make our product better to help our clients grow their business. Her motivation comes directly from her team’s ability to relentlessly improve and show up for our clients with a smile and a passion for service every single day. Before WizeHire, Melissa spent 10 years with a consulting company coaching new business owners, relying heavily on WizeHire’s own DISC assessment. Prior to starting her family, she also traveled the east coast as a flight attendant. Melissa and her husband have two sons. When her oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 5 years old, her family became advocates not only for their child, but for the T1D community, as well.

Patrick Guerra

Senior Hiring Coach

Patrick is one of our stellar hiring coaches and his passion for helping our clients succeed can be seen in the big smile and positive attitude he brings to work every day. Patrick provides employers with expert advice on their job ads to make sure they are attracting top talent and shows them how to integrate the DISC personality assessment into their hiring process so clients find the right fit faster. Patrick has contributed many notable accomplishments to our team, including revamping WizeHire’s user onboarding process. Additionally, he has also made significant contributions to our nation. He is a decorated Army veteran who served our country for 13 years. Now, Patrick spends his off days hosting moonlight karaoke sessions and he’d like to mention that, despite having jumped out of an aircraft, he’s afraid of heights.

Tony Mataya

Vice President of Growth

Tony is our VP of Growth. He leads on the strategic vision of our company and holds the 30,000-foot view of where we’re going next. His ability to embed empathy in everything we do here at WizeHire is what makes him such a strong leader. In his free time, Tony loves playing basketball, listening to podcasts, catching up on the latest thought-provoking show, and taking care of his 20 species of plants.

Aidan Weinrib

Head of Partnerships

Aidan is our Head of Partnerships. She’s developing the foundational GTM structure for WizeHire's new channel sales program. Our marketing, sales, and executive teams look to Aidan to establish partnership best practices, help WizeHire navigate new opportunities and challenges, and pave the way for partners to create a better way to hire for their clients. When she's offline, Aidan enjoys sharing good food and wine with great people. You'll also find her spending time with her dog Rya, learning new crafts, or building flower arrangements.

Brandon Holcomb

Hiring Coach

Brandon is one of our newest hiring coaches! He brings with him years of experience in problem-solving and client relationships that make him an asset to the WizeHire team. With a background in telecommunications, construction, and fraud prevention, he understands many of the challenges small businesses face, and the value of great hires to help our customers achieve their company goals. Outside of work, Brandon is an outdoorsman, musician, and concert enthusiast. He also dabbles in tech with an interest in 3D printing and building/modding PCs.

Diana Simmons

Hiring Coach Learning & Enablement Coordinator

Diana is one of our senior hiring coaches and develops our coach training materials to ensure that we provide the support our clients need to make the right hire. Her motivation to work comes from seeing our clients succeed and she loves to hear when a client comes back to hire another teammate! Diana’s career path took a few twists and turns before she found her home at WizeHire. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science, she was a major accounts manager for an advertising company, worked in insurance sales, and was a substitute school teacher. Her varied background is one of her greatest strengths as a coach. When she’s not supporting clients and setting up systems, Diana loves to garden, walks her dogs, and plans excursions in Europe with her family. Diana currently lives in Germany.

Natalia Chung

Communications Manager

Natalia is our Communications Manager and resident wordsmith. She writes everything from our monthly newsletter to the little red text that pops up asking you to retype your password. Her job is to help us tell our story and make dense and complicated information about hiring approachable, fun, and valuable to our clients. Prior to WizeHire, Natalia worked in the nonprofit sphere at the intersection of the environmental, economic, and racial justice movements to advance solutions to poverty and pollution. She also lived in Japan for a few years working on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic campaign. In her free time, Natalia whips up new recipes, practices yoga, and spends time with her wife Olivia, and their 2 dogs and 4 cats.

Patty Beckman

Hiring Coach Team Lead

Patty is one of our expert hiring coaches who’s passionate about creating the ultimate client experience. Prior to her career at WizeHire, she spent many years as an account executive at a number of advertising agencies everywhere from the Big Apple to the Treasure State of Montana. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Patty has also made great strides in achieving her personal goals of finishing her first novel and growing a garden! Patty lives with her husband and they have two children and one dog named Mojo (who’s great at catching frisbees!) She loves to cook, run, hike, and travel.

Madison Mask

Community Marketing Manager

Madison is our Community Manager. He works to grow our WizeHire family so we can help employers build better businesses with great hires. You may find him at a WizeHire booth at many events across the country where we connect people with our service. He was even on the local news to talk about WizeHire’s coloring book “Animals Know Teamwork”. Prior to WizeHire, Madison coordinated for an events planning agency. What may surprise you about him is he’s a big standup comedy fan.

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