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We take care of our people!

Our benefits are bold because we genuinely care about our employees.

  • Be well, be you

    Get free, comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits.

  • Have the time you need

    Our flexible paid time off (PTO) policy means every employee is encouraged to take the time they need now to keep doing great work, long term.

  • Work from home in style

    We provide $500 stipend to spruce up your home office. Plus a laptop will be supplied for you.

  • Work from anywhere!

    You have a graduation on Sunday and can’t get back home on Monday - no problem work from anywhere! Or you want to travel around Europe and work - no problem! We have flexible hours to allow you to have a good work/life balance.

  • Train to be your best self

    We train you to grow both professionally and personally through our personalized training program via mentoring, conventions, workshops, etc. Plus, we practice “meet-less” Wednesdays with zero meetings. Because reaching your goals is a lot easier when you actually have the time to do it.

  • Share the wealth

    Our start-up has a profit-sharing program. We see everyone as an equal,
    so that means we share our success with those who helped contribute to it.

Our culture

Nurturing a work environment where everyone’s ideas are welcomed is healthy and smart. By being open-minded to new ideas, no matter how big or small, you’re breeding an inviting work culture. This is one of the biggest benefits of being a remote company.


Great ideas come from everywhere


Understanding others is key

Servant Leadership

Inspire confidence in others


We embrace change


We encourage you to be yourself

Fun Attitude

Enjoy life to the fullest

High Standards

Quality takes time


We take initiative


Determination accomplishes goals

Our team

Meet the people who power up the company

Patrick Guerra

Hiring Coach

Patrick is a hiring coach. He not only edits ads for our users to make sure they are clear, concise, and error free, but he also helps them understand how to integrate DISC into the hiring process. Prior to WizeHire, he spent 13 years in the Army, after which he attended college and obtained his degree in Cultural Anthropology. Meanwhile, he moonlights as a karaoke host on the weekends. His favorite accomplishments are his military decorations, but more recently revamping the WizeHire User Onboarding Process, so users get the most out of our product.

Daria Tsenter


Daria loves learning and implementing new stack that will impact the consumer's experience. Believe it or not, but Daria's first engineering internship was at WizeHire. Having squished her BS in Computer Science @ NYU into two years instead of four, she fell in love with WizeHire's agility and welcoming environment. In her free time, she started a YouTube channel that grew to quarter a million followers and connected her with different people and brands across the world. Oh, she also speaks 4 languages (but eager to know more!)

Alejandra Carriazo

Growth Marketing Associate

Alejandra works on the Growth team, where she gets her kicks spearheading awesome outreach campaigns and helping small businesses grow. Before joining the WizeHire team, she ran an eCommerce side hustle and studied abroad in Budapest while pursuing her BA in History from Cornell University. Shortly after her Hungarian excursion, she came back to the States freshly bitten by the travel bug and plans to take off for exciting new shores in 2020. Alejandra loves singing in her free time, and may or may not use her shampoo bottle as an impromptu microphone.

Kathy Bentz

Workforce Operations Manager

Kathy loves to create harmony from chaos. Leading Operations initiatives for our team allows her to flex her organizational muscles to the benefit of all. Joining WizeHire in 2016 as employee no. 1, Kathy started out as the original Hiring Queen providing support for our customers and then worked on the marketing team leaning heavily into her writing skills. Her background in customer service, entrepreneurship, and training and development provide the right mix to keep our team moving forward together. Non-work hours are spent playing competitive volleyball, and as an avid nature lover, you will often find her hiking, biking or birdwatching. Fun fact: she can identify about 100 birds just by their calls!

Elyse Tonkin

Hiring Coach

Elyse is one of our superb hiring coaches. She provides our customers with impeccable service and facilitates the relationship between our coach and engineering teams to keep WizeHire running smoothly. She loves digging into data and using her expertise to suggest continuous improvements to our products and features. If you have a problem, Elyse is ready to solve it for you! One of Elyse’s many outstanding qualities is her perseverance. She recently reached a notable milestone of 1,000 days in her commitment to a personal goal. Elyse graduated with her BS in Business Management from the University of Delaware. She’s also an excellent soccer player, pet mom, and aunt to 5 nieces and 3 nephews.

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