How we'll help you grow

Posting your Job
WizeHire makes hiring a breeze. Our hiring coaches help you create & post effective job ads to reach the best candidates.
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Finding Top Talent
WizeHire automatically screens candidates using the DISC assessment. We identify top talent & share personalized insights on how each candidate fits within your team.
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Hiring Faster
WizeHire helps you hire top talent before your competition. Our Recruiting CRM automates all the "busy work". We show you exactly where to focus, so you can instantly connect with great candidates.
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Your partners in growing
We know you went into business to pursue your passion, serve your customers, and grow—not to be a recruiter. This is why we strive to find you top talent, so you can stay focused on your future.
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3,000 Customers and Counting
WizeHire helps the best teams grow and dominate their markets.