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Experience tailored solutions designed to protect your business and support your growth.
Here’s how Wizehire Business Insurance stands out:

Save on insurance

Stop overpaying with Wizehire’s competitive rates. Benefit from our policyholders’ profit-sharing program to invest more in your growing business.

Fast and easy claims

We aim to resolve claims in 48 hours or less, so you can focus on running your business without unnecessary interruptions.

Backed by trusted insurers

Rated "A- Excellent" by AM Best and backed by Everspan Insurance Company ensuring you receive reliable and high-quality coverage.

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Answer a few questions to get an instant quote and activate your coverage online within minutes.

Custom coverage

Tailored coverage for your business, easily managed online, allowing you to adapt your policy as your business grows and changes.

Expert guidance

Our licensed agents are available by phone or email to answer your questions and customize your policy.


Tailor coverage for your business

Switch to our coverage in minutes, we’ll help you cancel your old policy and request a refund.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Wizehire selling insurance?

At Wizehire, we understand the unique needs of growing businesses. That's why we've introduced Wizehire Insurance – to offer you tailored, comprehensive coverage that can potentially lower costs. By integrating insurance with our platform, we streamline processes, reduce risks, and ensure your business is well-protected. These efficiencies not only save you time and money but also provide peace of mind.

Why are our prices so good? Is this too good to be true?

Wizehire's deep understanding of your business allows us to price our policies based on real data, not assumptions. This means your coverage is accurate and fairly priced, ensuring you benefit from genuine savings. Our goal is to provide you with top-quality coverage that truly fits your business needs.

How do I cancel my old coverage?

We make switching easy! Once you purchase a Wizehire Insurance policy, we generate your insurance documents within minutes. We'll then assist you in canceling your existing policy and help request a prorated refund, ensuring a smooth transition.

What does it mean to share profits with your policyholders?

When you choose Wizehire Insurance, you become part of a community-focused commercial insurance program designed to benefit our customers. We're proud to share profits from Wizehire Insurance with our policyholders, reinforcing our commitment to your success and well-being.

Who is the insurance carrier?

Wizehire Insurance is backed by Everspan Insurance Company, an admitted “A- Excellent” AM Best-rated carrier, ensuring you receive reliable and high-quality coverage.

Who is eligible for Wizehire Insurance?

Eligibility for Wizehire Insurance depends on the state(s) where your business operates. We currently offer coverage in all U.S. states except NY, WA, MN, HI, and AK. We're working to add these states, so stay tuned!

What payment options are available?

We offer flexible payment options to suit your needs. You can spread premium payments over the year, eliminating the burden of large upfront costs and making it easier to manage your budget.