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From hiring your first employee to staffing your newest location, Wizehire is tailored to meet your team building needs as your business grows.

We created a customizable recruitment and hiring platform, so you don’t have to.

Step 1

Instantly reach and attract top talent with expert support

Tap into Wizehire’s customizable hiring platform with expert coaches by your side. Craft and share your job post to 100+ job boards in one click. Every job post is reviewed and monitored to help you reach top talent and attract more qualified candidates. As the talent pours in, our intuitive applicant tracking dashboard keeps your candidates organized through each stage of your hiring process.

Step 2

Evaluate and engage your candidates with insightful tools

Stop the guesswork and start finding the right people with confidence. Screening questions and skills assessments tailored to your job opening ensure applicants meet your essential requirements. Best of all—our comprehensive interview guides empower you to make the most of your time with candidates through each interview stage. Plus, our exclusive DISC+ personality assessment helps you understand and engage top talent.

Step 3

Seamlessly onboard your Wizehire

Provide your newest team member with a seamless experience. Our step-by-step onboarding guide keeps you organized and best practice compliant. Gain a dynamic understanding of who’s joining the team instantly with DISC+. Our onboarding toolbox includes your new employee’s profile, legally-vetted e-sign offer letter, payroll integrations, tax credit benefits, and background checks–with more still to come!

step 4

Customize and perfect your dynamic hiring process

A single Wizehire will transform your business, but that’s just the beginning. Wizehire coaches understand your goals and work with you to optimize your recruitment approach with each new job opening. Easily access and refresh your go-to job posts, industry-specific qualifications, customized hiring stages, interview guides, and more, so you can repeat and perfect your team building process and grow your business one Wizehire at a time.

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Tammi Stuart

CEO & Founder, Stuart Group

Tammi Stuart is a realtor in Colorado Springs, Co. Before Wizehire, she was running a business all by herself, staying up until midnight doing administrative work she didn't have the time to do during the day. Her business grew to the point she couldn’t keep up with the workload alone, so she worked with Wizehire to find the very first members of her real estate team. Now she has time to focus on the big picture.

CEO & Founder, Stuart Group

Kris Morales

Sales Manager, Barker Mazda

Kris Morales is the Sales Manager at Barker Mazda in Houma, LA. In the past, Kris looked for salespeople using local ads and his personal network. Frustrated with the time he spent with new hires that weren’t right for the job, Kris decided to try Wizehire. He’s not only filling sales positions with top talent, he's also expanding his administrative support team and leading on a whole new level.

Sales Manager, Barker Mazda

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