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Stop sifting through resumes. There’s a better way to find the talent you need faster. We give you the best pre-screening tools to identify the candidates you want and help you filter out the rest so you hire in half the time.

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Ask about anything important to the role like experience, licenses, skills, and more


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Applicants get a tag based on their answers to your questions.


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Organize and filter your candidates by tag in your job dashboard.

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DISC helps take the guesswork out of hiring the right people. Better understand your candidates to find the right fit for the role.

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Our integrated skills assessments library helps you discover your strongest contenders.

What Can You Test For?

We integrate with Indeed’s skills assessment library. – Check out the full library here.

Cognitive Abilities

Problem-solving, critical reasoning, attention to detail, and more.

Computer Skills

Email skills and basic to intermediate computer processing.

Job Skills

Industry-specific skills tests from accounting to customer service.


Multi-level language tests based on the needs of the position.