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Take your mortgage firm’s hiring process to new heights with our award-winning recruitment platform. With a single click, share your customized job post to 100+ best-in-class and mortgage-specific job boards. Ensure that your opportunities attract top talent, so you can build your mortgage dream team with ease and efficiency.

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Wizehire’s most valuable asset is the same as yours: people. You excel in helping clients achieve the American dream; our hiring coaches are experts in recruiting top mortgage talent. We’re here to support you throughout your hiring process, leveraging our expertise in understanding of your unique challenges, so you can get the most out of each hiring opportunity and stay focused on your clients.

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Screening questions and skills assessments tailored to your job opening ensure applicants meet your essential requirements. Best of all—our comprehensive interview guides empower you to make the most of your time with candidates through each interview stage. Plus, our exclusive DISC+ assessment helps you understand and engage top talent.

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Provide your newest team member with a seamless experience. Our step-by-step onboarding guide keeps you organized and best practice compliant. Our onboarding toolbox includes your new employee’s profile, legally-vetted e-sign offer letter, payroll integrations, tax credit benefits, and background checks–with more still to come!


“We’re just getting the best candidates, and it’s been really exciting! It blows my mind honestly.”

Kate Mataya

Senior Associate, McClure Law Group

“Wizehire is the go-to hiring platform for us now! The customer support is my favorite! I love how you can work quickly to build automation, and sorting people into categories was an unexpected feature that allows me to present to other team members and get them up to speed quickly. I have already recommended it to several industry peers.”

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Glen S.

Chief Operating Officer

“Wizehire was the perfect solution for someone who has no idea where to begin. It made everything nearly effortless. I received a number of quality resumes and found just the right person for the job.”

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Todd W.

Proprietor, Accounting Industry

“I was working 24/7 curled up with my laptop at midnight and doing administrative business that I didn't have time to do during the day, and now I can really focus on sales, and find supportive talent that fit the criteria that I was looking for.”

Tammi Stuart

CEO & Founder, The Stuart Group

Make your job post count

Attract top talent with customizable job templates designed to perform. Explore a sample of our optimized mortgage industry job descriptions below.

Junior Loan Officer
Mortgage Accounting Clerk
Mortgage Underwriter
Mortgage Credit Analyst
Mortgage Broker
Senior Loan Processor
Mortgage Receptionist
Mortgage Loan Shipper
Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant
Junior Underwriter
Mortgage Branch Manager
Mortgage Loan Officer
Mortgage Recruiter
Mortgage Loan Partner
Mortgage Closing Manager
Mortgage Closer
Mortgage Loan Processor
Mortgage Processing Manager
Junior Loan Officer
Junior Underwriter
Mortgage Accounting Clerk
Mortgage Branch Manager
Mortgage Underwriter
Mortgage Loan Officer
Mortgage Credit Analyst
Mortgage Recruiter
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Loan Partner
Senior Loan Processor
Mortgage Closing Manager
Mortgage Receptionist
Mortgage Closer
Mortgage Loan Shipper
Mortgage Loan Processor
Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant
Mortgage Processing Manager

Mortgage industry hiring FAQs

How can we attract high performing candidates to our mortgage firm?

Forward-thinking mortgage firms are opting to build their team with a best-in-class hiring solution like Wizehire.  First, craft a compelling job post designed to attract top talent or customize one of Wizehire’s industry-optimized job templates. Utilize online job boards, mortgage-specific platforms, and social media to increase visibility among potential candidates. Additionally, Wizehire coaches are there with you every step of the way to keep your post at the top of job boards so you don’t get buried by the competition.

What job roles does a mortgage lending company consist of?

A mortgage lending company typically consists of an array of different job roles. Some include:

    • Mortgage Loan Officers: They interact with clients, assess their financial situation, and assist them in securing suitable mortgage products.
    • Loan Processors: Also known as loan officer assistants. They manage the mortgage application process, collect required documentation, and ensure timely and accurate loan submissions.
    • Underwriters: Responsible for evaluating loan applications and determining their risk and eligibility based on established criteria.
    • Mortgage Post Closers: They coordinate the final steps of the loan process, prepare closing documents, and facilitate the loan closing.
    • Loan Originators: They generate leads, establish relationships with clients, and initiate the loan application process.
    • Loan Servicers: They manage ongoing loan accounts, including payment processing, customer service, and delinquency management.
    • Compliance Officers: They work with post closers to ensure the company adheres to industry regulations and internal policies.
    • Sales and Marketing Specialists: They promote the company’s mortgage products and services and attract potential borrowers.
  You’ll find 18 customizable mortgage specific job templates on Wizehire.

What qualities should we look for when recruiting for mortgage lender positions?

When recruiting for mortgage lender positions, deprioritize years of experience in the field. Instead, prioritize candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as they must build rapport with clients and colleagues. Look for individuals who can thrive in a fast-paced and results-oriented environment. Attention to detail and analytical skills are essential for accurately evaluating financial information and assessing risk. Wizehire’s exclusive DISC+ assessment enables  you to assess potential candidates work style, motivators, and personal strengths so you can determine if they are the right fit.

What should we include in our mortgage job postings to effectively communicate the position and attract the right candidates?

To effectively communicate mortgage job positions and attract the right candidates, job postings should include clear and specific details about the role. Start with a clear mortgage industry job title, followed by a brief overview of your company and what you value. Outline the key responsibilities and tasks involved in the position, including interactions with clients and internal teams. Specify the qualifications and skills required, such as experience in mortgage lending, relevant licenses, and educational background. Highlight any unique benefits or career development opportunities your company offers. Include information about the application process, such as how candidates can apply and the expected timeline for hiring decisions. Wizehire’s coaches can help you create the best mortgage job post, from job title to deciding what’s a must-have and nice-to-have skill for your open role.

How can we make our mortgage company job postings stand out from the competition?

Use an engaging and personalized tone that reflects your company’s culture and values. Highlight the benefits of working for your company, such as competitive compensation packages, professional development opportunities, and a supportive work environment. Use visuals, such as images or videos, to showcase your company’s workplace and team dynamics. Mention any accolades, awards, or recognition your company has received to build credibility. Emphasize the impact of the work in the mortgage industry, as many candidates seek fulfilling careers that positively affect people’s lives. Include a call-to-action that encourages potential candidates to apply and express their interest in joining your team.

How can mortgage brokers and managers save time and effort on their hiring process?

Standardize the hiring process to ensure consistency and streamline candidate evaluations. Use Wizehire’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) to manage candidate applications and automate the screening process. Choose what pre-screening questions you want to filter out candidates who do not meet essential criteria for each mortgage role (these should vary based on the job opening).. Collaborate with HR professionals or recruitment specialists to handle administrative tasks and ensure compliance with employment laws. Leverage networking and industry connections to identify potential candidates quickly. Engage in effective candidate sourcing through online job boards, social media platforms, and industry-specific channels. By optimizing these practices, brokers and managers can focus on identifying the most suitable candidates for their mortgage lending team.

What are the mortgage firm best practices for conducting effective interviews?

For mortgage firms looking to hire with confidence, effective interviewing is key. Before the interview begins, create a structured set of questions tailored to the role and the candidate’s qualifications. Set the tone by fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment. Ask questions that prompt candidates to give concrete examples from their professional experience, giving you an insight into their problem-solving capabilities. Let them ask questions as well to gauge their interest in the role. Evaluate their understanding of the mortgage industry, loan processes, and relevant regulations. Assess cultural fit and alignment with your company’s values to ensure a harmonious team dynamic. Finally, ensure consistent evaluations by using the same set of questions for all candidates. Leverage Wizehire’s comprehensive interview guides to make the most of your time with each person you meet.  Our interview guides include phone screen interviews to reference checks and final interview guides.  You can easily customize or create your own industry-optimized guides straight from your dashboard. 

How can mortgage employers ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires?

Wizehire makes it easy to onboard new members of your team with a step-by-step onboarding guide, a growing suite of onboarding integrations, and an intuitive dashboard that enables you to manage your entire team in one place.

What training and development opportunities should we offer to our mortgage lending employees?

  1. Product Knowledge Training: Provide in-depth training on various mortgage loan products and services to enhance their expertise.
  2. Compliance and Regulation Training: Ensure employees are well-versed in industry regulations and legal requirements to maintain compliance.
  3. Sales and Communication Skills: Offer training to enhance their sales techniques, negotiation skills, and effective communication with clients.
  4. Leadership Development: Invest in leadership programs to groom potential team leads and managers within your mortgage lending company.
  5. Technology Training: Provide training on mortgage-specific software and tools to improve efficiency and productivity.
  6. Customer Service Excellence: Conduct workshops to enhance customer service skills, as positive client interactions are crucial in mortgage lending.
  7. Ongoing Industry Education: Encourage employees to attend conferences, workshops, and webinars to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the mortgage industry.

Are there any specific certifications or licenses required for certain positions in the mortgage industry?

Yes, certain positions in the mortgage industry may require specific certifications or licenses based on the roles and local regulations. Mortgage loan officers and brokers must obtain a state-issued mortgage loan originator (MLO) license, which involves completing pre-licensing education and passing a licensing exam. These can be found on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing (NMLS) & Registry site. Additionally, some states require mortgage processors and underwriters to hold specific licenses or certifications. It’s essential to be aware of the licensing requirements in your state or region to ensure your employees are compliant with legal regulations.

What can employers do to address turnover in the mortgage industry?

Here are some actionable strategies to consider:  

  1. Exit Interviews: Conduct exit interviews to gather feedback from departing employees and identify areas for improvement within your mortgage firm.
  2. Employee Surveys: Regularly survey employees to assess job satisfaction and identify potential issues that may lead to turnover. Segment surveys them by role to get a clearer picture of gaps that need to be addressed. 
  3. Retention Programs: Implement retention programs that offer incentives or bonuses to employees who stay with the company for a certain period.
  4. Career Development: Provide clear paths for career advancement and growth within the organization, encouraging employees to stay and develop their careers with the company.
  5. Competitive Compensation: Ensure that employees are fairly compensated and offer competitive salary and commission structures. On Wizehire, you can view mortgage industry compensation benchmarks with our Payscale integration
  6. Employee Support: Offer support and resources to help employees manage stress and workload effectively.
  7. Mentorship and Training: Provide mentorship programs and ongoing training to support employee development and job satisfaction.

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