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Talent Acquisition

The 4-Step Who Interview Method

Discover the power of the Who interview method—a proven approach designed to help you identify and hire the best talent out there. This four-step process is more than just an interview; it's a strategic framework enabling you to evaluate candidates and assemble a team of A players systematically.

People Management

How to Calculate & Improve Employee Turnover Rate

Businesses invest significantly in attracting, hiring, and training employees, making it essential to retain them and their organizational knowledge. Although some turnover is inevitable, understanding how to calculate and minimize turnover is key to business growth.

Talent Acquisition

11 Recruiting Email Templates for Great Candidate Experiences

The hiring process provides an exciting opportunity to bring new talent on board. However, it also requires extensive communication with candidates throughout the process. These recruiting email templates address all scenarios, from keeping job seekers engaged to kindly saying "no thanks." 

Talent Acquisition

How to Write Job Requirements That Attract Top Candidates

Job seekers are on the lookout for roles that make them shout, "Yes! This is the perfect job!" after reading the job requirements. That's why writing them well is so essential. They play a significant role in attracting the right people who will drive your company's success.

People Management

Resenteeism in the Workplace and How to Fix It

With trends like quiet quitting and coffee badging rising, a new term has emerged: resenteeism. It describes employees who feel trapped in their jobs, unhappy and resentful, without seeing any better alternatives. Recognizing the signs of resenteeism and knowing how to address them is key to re-engaging impacted teams and boosting employee retentio

Talent Acquisition

What Is a Structured Interview? Plus, Examples and Best Practices

Think of a structured interview as a precise formula for evaluating job candidates for the same role. Done effectively, it allows businesses to consistently assess each job seeker's experience and fit for a role. This guide explores how structured interviews differ from unstructured ones and gives actionable advice for creating your own process.

Talent Acquisition

Blind Hiring: What It Is & How to Do It

Business leaders and hiring managers continually work to make their hiring processes more inclusive. One tactic that can help eliminate bias and create a fairer candidate review process is blind hiring. Here is what you need to know about the process and how it can fuel your diversity and inclusion efforts.

People Management

What Is a Stay Interview? 15 Questions to Get You Started

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. While hiring top talent is essential, retaining employees is just as necessary for your business's success. Stay interviews are a proactive way for managers to understand what's important to their team members and address concerns. It will keep you in tune with your employees' needs and help reduce turnov

Talent Acquisition

7 Ways to Hire More Housekeeping Staff

Finding and keeping skilled housekeeping staff is essential in the bustling hospitality industry. The good news is that there are practical strategies to ramp up your recruitment efforts, ensuring you build a reliable and efficient housekeeping team. Here's how to get it done and dusted.

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