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We created a customizable recruitment and hiring platform, so you and your clients don’t have to.

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When you partner with Wizehire, we put the keys to hiring success in your hands.

Client hiring insights
  • Free and full access to client accounts and hiring processes
  • Education and training for you and your client on our end-to-end team building platform
Customization opportunities
  • Job posts, interview guides, email templates, and applicant tracking dashboards seamlessly allow for your customization and collaborative input
  • Personalized, co-branded client experience options depending on your level of partnership
VIP support
  • Dedicated partnership support team ensures a smooth and successful experience
  • In-depth strategy sessions for you and your clients
Expand your reach
  • Reach our small and growing business customer community with a feature in our partner directory
  • Networking opportunities via webinars, blog, podcasts, and more.

Offer your client our award-winning suite of tools and support

From hiring a first employee to staffing a newest location, Wizehire is tailored to meet your client’s team building needs as their business grows.

Go from 0 to 100+ job boards with performance optimized job templates

Expert Wizehire coaches at your side every step of the way

Identify and engage top talent with a suite of insightful evaluation tools

Customize and perfect your dynamic hiring process

Access a growing toolbox of onboarding integrations designed to springboard success from the start

Real partner success stories

We’re better together.

“I discovered Wizehire when one of my clients needed a reliable and organized resource to hire a new employee in a short time frame. The platform is approachable—organized to provide meaningful insights on each candidate, designed to give clients confidence and ease in the process of hiring, which can be very overwhelming.”

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Robyn Koenig

Wizehire Partner

“Wizehire is an absolute no-brainer. I can look at everything the client can see. Resumes, answers to pre-screening questions, and a comprehensive DISC+ assessment are all there. It’s REALLY good.”

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Doug Hannan

Wizehire Partner

“Using Wizehire made my hiring process so smooth. The Wizehire platform kept me on track and organized and I love the way I can share my prospects data with my Edge mentor.”

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Dan Levinson

Wizehire Partner

“I LOVE Wizehire. I am super impressed by their DISC+ profiling, brand values assessment, ease of their platform, and their coaches. I have recommended Wizehire to numerous friends and colleagues.”

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Katie Lemieux

Wizehire Partner

Trusted by 18,000+ businesses and counting

Wizehire meets you where you’re at. We work with businesses at all stages of growth in a wide variety of industries.

Most recommended and awarded as one of the FrontRunners of 2023

One of the fastest growing companies to serve small businesses everywhere

Recognized for excellence in applicant tracking software for Best Ease of Use 2023

Partnership FAQs

Who is your partner program designed for?

We work with all types of coaches, consultants, and industry leaders who have clients in need of hiring support.

Does the partner program cost money?

No, this is a free partner program that is intentionally designed to support you and your clients through the hiring journey. We do have a partner agreement you will need to sign.

Am I obliged to refer a certain amount of clients?

Nope! Our program does not require a minimum number of referrals.

How does partnering benefit us and our clients?

We have a number of partner program benefits including client hiring insights, customization options, discounted pricing, VIP support, and co marketing opportunities.

What is Wizehire and how can it help us?

Wizehire is an award-winning recruiting success platform that helps teams grow with confidence through best-in-class tools and expert hiring support. Over 18,000 businesses choose Wizehire to help with sourcing top talent, job posting, and onboarding to perfect their hiring process. As a partner, we can collaborate to level the playing field and empower your clients with customizable tools and expert support for end-to-end recruiting and hiring.

Is this an affiliate program?

No, this is not a commission-based, revenue share partnership. This is a referral program focused on educational offerings.

I have preexisting job descriptions, email templates, and interview guides I created for my clients. Can those be used on the Wizehire platform?

Absolutely! Your partner manager will work with you to add these customizations to your account so that your coaching recommendations can align with our recruiting and hiring solutions.

Will I have dedicated support?

Yes! You will be assigned to a dedicated partner manager. They will be introduced to you during our onboarding and will create specialized strategy sessions for your clients along with training sessions for your coaching team. Your partner manager will provide support for every step of your clients’ hiring process.

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