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Real Estate Managing Broker

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Real Estate Managing Broker job summary

We’re looking for a highly-driven full-time real estate managing broker to lead our top-performing team. You’ll recruit new agents to grow your real estate brokerage, create training materials to develop high-producing agents, and oversee operations to ensure company success. The ideal candidate is a real estate professional who is an excellent communicator with a proven track record of building successful real estate teams. If you’re interested in a leadership position with high growth potential, apply today!


Ashburn, VA
Real Estate Managing Broker responsibilities
  • Grow the brokerage office by recruiting new realtors that will make excellent team members
  • Develop training materials for new real estate agents for the brokerage and train them to ensure their performance meets our high standards
  • Oversee all operational responsibilities of the brokerage including the company’s MLS listings and all real estate transactions
  • Ensure the brokerage and agents are adhering to all company policies and procedures and abiding by all state and national Fair Housing and real-estate laws
  • Assist with marketing materials for agents and creative online and social media promotion to increase real estate sales
  • Work with the leadership team on retention programs to ensure that our top real estate sales agents remain with our brokerage
Real Estate Managing Broker qualifications
  • Must have a managing broker’s license
  • At least 3+ years of experience as a licensed, actively practicing agent at a real estate company
  • Proven ability to manage and lead a team of successful real estate agents
  • Strong understanding of the real estate industry and all state and national Fair Housing and real-estate laws to ensure compliance
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
Real Estate Managing Broker compensation

$69,603 (National Average)


more quality candidates at 1/10 of the average cost per hire.

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