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Roofer job overview

A roofer specializes in residential and commercial roofing jobs. They are responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing all types of roofs to protect buildings from various weather conditions. Duties include the installation of new roofing systems, shingles, vapor barriers, and insulation. They assess roof surfaces, identify and fix leakage or rough spots, and remove debris from roofs and gutters. Roofers typically work full-time, with some overtime in peak periods. This is an entry-level position for roofers that have completed an apprenticeship with an experienced roofer.

Roofer job template

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Roofer job summary

Are you a hard worker who’s ready to repair, replace, install, and maintain roof surfaces for homes and businesses? We’re looking for roofers with a passion for protecting and waterproofing our clients’ property. You have the technical skills to read blueprints and can assess, identify, prepare, and fix roofs. You’re also familiar with using hand and power tools. The ideal candidate has completed a training program or apprenticeship with an experienced roofer. Apply to be our next roofer now!


Ashburn, VA
Roofer responsibilities
  • Build roofs, vapor barriers, and vents that protect buildings from weather conditions
  • Repair or replace broken shingles, sheet metal, and other roofing materials
  • Remove debris from roofs and gutters
  • Cover roof surfaces with coatings of bitumen, caulk, and cement
  • Read new construction blueprints
  • Use power and hand tools to measure and cut materials
  • Keep inventory of roofing materials
Roofer qualifications
  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Valid driver’s license is required
  • We require candidates to complete a roofing apprenticeship
  • General construction experience is preferred
  • Physically able to lift heavy materials and tools is required and good balance
  • Strong communication skills
Roofer compensation

$24.60/hr (National Average)

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