HVAC Installation Technician Job Description

HVAC Installation Technician Job Description

HVAC Installation Technician Job Overview

HVAC installation technicians review, assemble, install, connect, and replace complete HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings. They also install a variety of HVAC-related components, including control systems such as thermostats and indoor air quality monitors, refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They use hand and power tools to assemble, connect, and complete jobs. HVAC install techs are familiar with reading HVAC equipment and structure blueprints and codes. They work with sheet metal fabricators, electricians, HVAC service technicians, and pipefitters to complete various work orders. This includes ensuring the ductwork, wiring, pipe threading, and fittings are up to spec. HVAC installation technicians must have prior installer work experience, as well as EPA and HVAC certifications. This is a full-time position with the opportunity for overtime in peak seasons.

HVAC Installation Technician Job Template

HVAC Installation Technician Job Summary

We’re looking for a detail-oriented, experienced, and licensed HVAC installation technician to join our company. You’ll be responsible for visiting homes and businesses, assessing blueprints, codes, and manuals to install a variety of HVAC equipment. You’ll also be asked to install heating, cooling, indoor air quality, refrigerant, and control systems. The ideal candidate has the technical skills to install, troubleshoot, and diagnose all equipment, and is an effective problem solver and communicator. Ready to join our growing HVAC company? Start your application today!


Ashburn, VA

HVAC Installation Technician Responsibilities

  • Replace heating, air conditioning, air quality, refrigeration, and control systems
  • Use electrical testing equipment to check electrical circuits and components
  • Test pipe or tubing joints and connections for leaks
  • Join pipes or tubing from the equipment to the fuel, water, or refrigerant source
  • Lay out and connect electrical wiring using hand tools according to the wiring diagram
  • Comply with all applicable standards, codes, policies, and safety procedures
  • Tell customers how to properly use their new HVAC equipment
  • Enter completed projects and the parts used into database

HVAC Installation Technician Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Certification or associate’s degree from an HVAC program at a technical school and 2+ years as an HVAC installation technician
  • EPA 608 refrigerant recovery certification required
  • Must have required state and local HVAC technician licenses
  • Basic understanding of electrical wiring and connections
  • Comfortable working in crawl spaces and attics
  • Excellent math, people, and problem-solving skills

HVAC Installation Technician Compensation

$24.99/hr (National Average)


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