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Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager job overview

A human resources manager leads the HR department in matters related to employee relations. The person in this role is responsible for establishing and enforcing the processes and procedures for recruiting, onboarding, benefits programs, training programs, performance management, and disciplinary procedures. They also play a key role in strategic planning, business administration, and regulatory compliance.

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Human Resources Manager job summary

We’re in search of a highly-motivated, people-friendly, organized human resources manager to lead our HR department. You will oversee all aspects of employee relations including recruiting, onboarding, and training, play a key role in strategic planning and business administration, and ensure we are in compliance with the most recent employment laws. Ideal candidates are natural leaders, decision-makers, and team players.


Ashburn, VA
Human Resources Manager responsibilities
  • Find qualified candidates, interview top talent, and onboard and train new employees
  • Manage human resources programs including employee benefits, training, and company evaluation and compensation
  • Liaise between employees and managers and advise on pertinent issues such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment
  • Conduct exit interviews to obtain honest feedback from employees to make improvements to our organizational policies
  • Develop and implement personnel policies and procedures, and advise on improvements
  • Advise on key organizational policies, decision-making and strategic planning initiatives including business administration and annual budget
  • Process and maintain internal documents, paperwork, records, and reports
Human Resources Manager qualifications
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in HR management, business management, or a similar field
  • Professional certification from the SHRM or similar organization
  • 3-5 years of experience as an HR manager, upper-level HR generalist or in a senior position in HR management
  • Excellent leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills
Human Resources Manager compensation

$72,737 (National Average)

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