Legal Records Manager
Job Description

Legal Records Manager Job Description

Legal Records Manager Job Overview

A legal records manager is responsible for maintaining records management systems for law firms and legal corporations. They act as archivists for sensitive and confidential data including legal and medical records, and health information. The person in this position must follow consistent and stringent document management methods and organization for paper and electronic records. By reviewing current data, they ensure the accuracy, track the current location of on and off-site records, and document the destruction of files. Additionally, the legal records manager works to improve current record-keeping processes and filing systems. A legal records manager typically works full-time for a law firm or for corporations in the public and private sectors.

Legal Records Manager Job Template

Legal Records Manager Job Summary

Our busy firm is looking for an experienced legal records manager with a proven track record of accurate record-keeping and document management. We are looking for someone who can implement our document retention policies, including maintaining an organized filing system, reviewing files to determine whether to keep them onsite or to purge, and checking files regularly to comply with confidential information legal requirements. If you are passionate about maintaining organization and have exceptional attention to detail, we want to hear from you!


Ashburn, VA

Legal Records Manager Responsibilities

  • Organize our database of documents and maintain our filing system
  • Ensure confidentiality of documents is maintained and track chain of custody
  • Adhere to the most current policy regarding destruction or document retention
  • Review files and their contents to confirm the best location and enter information into the database
  • Spot-check files to determine if documents should be retained, stored, or destroyed and that their location is properly noted

Legal Records Manager Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Associate’s degree or some college in the area of information technology, human resources, or library science is beneficial- Bachelor’s degree is an asset
  • Prior experience working in a law firm file room is vital - previous experience as a legal assistant, paralegal, or project manager is helpful
  • Certified Records Manager designation or Records and Information Certification are highly desired, but not required
  • Must have a proven track record of organizational and archiving skills
  • Excellent computer skills are necessary, as well as experience maintaining a database

Legal Records Manager Compensation

$15.76 / hour (National Average)


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