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Judicial Clerk

Law Clerk job overview

A judicial clerk conducts legal research and prepares the first drafts of legal documents, such as motions or briefs, based on their findings. This is to ensure that supervising attorneys or judges are reviewing accurate legal authority and to confirm or deny the citations in a judge’s orders to prepare for trial. Law clerks also maintain client files, organize exhibits, and keep track of important deadlines by docketing dates. Additionally, they may interview clients or witnesses and assist in strategizing with senior attorneys to resolve cases efficiently. Law clerks are usually current law students in a clerkship program or recent law school graduates who typically work for a law firm or judge. Judicial clerk positions may be part-time or full-time.

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Law Clerk job summary

Do you love legal research and writing and want to get paid for it? We have an opening for a law clerk position and we need top talent!  You will research case law and prepare memoranda on a variety of legal issues, which will confirm or deny the citations in a judge’s orders in an effort to prepare for trial. Other job duties may include assisting attorneys with drafting documents such as subpoenas, motions, and pleadings as well as coordinating with paralegals on court filings and calendaring important dates to keep files accurate. Your attention to detail and strong commitment to ethics will shine in your work product. If you’re a current law school student or recent graduate eager to work alongside legal professionals and jump-start your career in law, reach out today for consideration!


Ashburn, VA
Law Clerk responsibilities
  • Research case law to confirming legal authority cited in legal documents to assist judges and attorneys
  • Write legal memoranda specifying results of research in order to assist in determining the best course of action for court proceedings
  • Type the first drafts of legal documents, such as motions, briefs, pleadings, discovery requests/responses
  • Communicate with clients, interview witnesses, and consult legal experts in order to prepare for trial
  • Maintain client files to ensure information is up-to-date and make sure deadlines are properly docketed
Law Clerk qualifications
  • Current law school student with a bachelor’s degree or recent law school graduate
  • One to two years of work experience in a legal environment
  • Willing to take, or have already passed state bar exam
  • Display attention to detail and strong work ethic
  • Excellent writing skills and communication skills to participate in oral arguments effectively
Law Clerk compensation

$68,686 (National Average)

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