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Using your DISC profile to tap into your genius

Jeff Cohn from Elite Real Estate Systems and Wizehire Co-founder Jay Niblick discuss DISC personality assessments, the ways people are wired to behave, and how the human psyche impacts employee performance.

Wizehire co-founder, Jay Niblick, and Jeff Cohn from Elite Real Estate Systems discuss DISC personality assessments, how people are wired to behave, and how the human psyche impacts employee performance.

Topics Covered

  • The reason personality assessments are becoming a popular hiring tool for businesses
  • History of the DISC personality assessment
  • Truths and myths about the DISC personality assessment
  • Systems 1 and Systems 2 thinking

Hiring Advice

  • Reduce hiring mistakes. Identify and compare key traits amongst job candidates to help you predict their success in the specific role you’re looking to fill.
  • Hire people who can easily adapt to the role you’re hiring. Some people can adapt to new roles and responsibilities faster than others because of their personality type. Wizehire’s DISC assessment will give you a clear idea of which job candidates can quickly adjust and be the employee you need them to be.
  • Build a cohesive team. A person’s individual values and motivators have a direct impact on how well they’ll engage with their managers and co-workers. DISC assessments reveal these things about your job candidates so you’re guaranteed to hire people who will add to the harmony of your existing team.

Key Takeaways

  • Everyone thinks differently. People are born and raised in different environments which has a tremendous effect on neuroplasticity, or how a person is wired to think. It’s this reason why some people are naturally better than others at the jobs you’re looking to fill.
  • Adaptability matters. The DISC assessment is well-known for measuring and categorizing someone’s personality type. However, it also measures someone’s ability to adapt to new conditions and environments in the workplace, so employers can easily compare job applicants and determine who is the best fit for any role.
  • Employee success should be natural. People perform their best work whenever their roles are in tune with their natural behaviors and ways of thinking. The DISC assessment uncovers all of this information so employers can hire people who will naturally excel on the job.

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