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Talent Acquisition

How to decipher candidates’ DISC+ profiles

A deep dive into DISC+ personality assessments with Next Level Loan Officers to help mortgage companies hire the right candidates.

Wizehire deep dives into DISC+ personality assessments with Next Level Loan Officers to help mortgage companies hire the right candidates for every role.

Topics Covered

  • How to interpret a candidates’ DISC+ profile to determine if they’re right for the role
  • The ideal DISC+ profile for a mortgage loan officer
  • Common myths and misconceptions about DISC+ profile categories and scores
  • The 3 most important things you must consider during the hiring process
  • 7 motivators that reveal what makes candidates want to work

Hiring Advice

  • Identify and understand your candidates’ weaknesses. DISC+ profiles help you identify a candidates’ potential weaknesses that could impact job performance. Ask how they’ve worked to improve to decide whether or not to move them forward in the hiring process.
  • Organize candidates into lists based on hiring stages. As candidates progress from application to offer, one hiring stage to the next, you can easily track what stages they’re in by assigning them to corresponding lists like: Applied, Qualified, Pending, Interviewing, Hired, and Disqualified.
  • Leverage DISC+ before and after hiring. Before you select candidates to interview, use DISC+ to find out which ones have the right personality fit for the role. After you hire the right person, periodically review their DISC+ profile to help you understand the best way to manage, coach, and train them.

Key Takeaways

  • Review the entire DISC+ profile of each candidate. Placing emphasis on a single behavioral style may cause you to disqualify someone who’s actually a great fit for your real estate team.
  • Pay attention to what candidates value. A candidate’s DISC+ score alone won’t tell you everything about a potential hire. Review each candidate’s Values Index Assessment score, too, which explains what makes a candidate want to work and stay with a company.
  • Drop unnecessary requirements. Leaving education and/or license requirements off your ad opens you up to more jobseekers. If you have time to train, DISC+ assessments can help you uncover untapped talent from other industries that you can ramp on your best practices.

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