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Hiring Best Practices Using DISC+ Assessments

Wizehire hiring coach, Patrick Guerra and Erik Hatch, coach and founder of Hatch Coaching share the benefits of using hiring best practices with Wizehire’s DISC+ assessment.

To better understand your candidates and build the best team.

Topics covered

  • Interview best practices to get authentic responses from candidates
  • How to better understand your current team dynamics to identify skill gaps
  • How Wizehire’s DISC+ assessments & values index can predict long-term employees

Hiring advice

  • Establish a balanced hiring process. A resume won’t tell you everything. More than one valuation method like a personality assessment, skills test, mock call, or role-play interview will give you a more well-rounded view of your candidates.
  • Use a personality assessment. Personality assessments like DISC+ provide valuable insights about your candidates that will help you better understand how they’ll perform in the role and fit in with your team.
  • Understand what your candidates value. Opportunities like professional development or earnings potential can motivate one candidate more than another, which can mean better alignment for your open role.

Key takeaways

  • DISC+ insights can help you identify top candidates faster during interviews. Use the key strengths and weaknesses sections to ask follow-up questions or create role-play scenarios to better understand how a candidate will perform on the job or work with your existing team.
  • DISC+ is more than just a hiring tool. It can help you better understand your current team. A DISC+ debrief can help you understand communication preferences, skills gaps, and how to work better together.
  • It takes all kinds to create a well-balanced team. When you are hiring for a new role, consider the personality type that best aligns with the skills needed for that role and identify candidates that are a good match. 

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