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Hiring Best Practices in the Health & Wellness Sector

Wizehire Hiring coaches Patrick Guerra and Laura Gutierrez share hiring best practices in the health and wellness industry with Kendall Hagensen of Wellness Center Creators.


  • How to make your job ad attractive to skilled candidates in the industry
  • 3 top tips to determine if your compensation is competitive or not
  • The importance of a screening timeline & suggestions for reaching out 
  • Interviewing best practices for authentic responses from your candidates
  • How DISC+ assessments & value indicators can predict long-term employees


  • Write your job ad for your ideal candidate. For example, if you’re hiring a receptionist, test their attention to detail by including items in the job ad that you ask about in the interview. This can include keywords to remember or facts about the role.
  • Get back to candidates fast. From application to offer, presently Wizehire sees a typical turnaround time of 10-14 days for many applicants. Since many candidates are also applying to multiple jobs, responding quickly is crucial.
  • Implement DISC+ in your interviews. If your applicants have filled out a DISC+ personality assessment, you can target their key strengths and weaknesses in role play exercises to better how they’ll respond on the job at your clinic.


  • It pays to do compensation research. All major job boards make the average compensation data public. Search based on job title or location to see what other nearby clinics are offering in your area. Coach Kendall Hagensen also recommends narrowing your search depending on if you’re a private pay or insurance-based clinic.
  • Personalizing communication gets candidates’ attention. Many employers rely on automated emails to interact with candidates. However, if there’s an applicant you’re really interested in, shooting them a personalized message can increase the likelihood that they’ll respond.
  • A business coach can help you achieve your clinic goals. Are you working with a consultant? Coach Kendall Hagenesen of Wellness Center Creators provides guidance and support for creating collaborative, multidisciplinary practices.


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