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Inside Sales Agents (ISA): Hiring for a 5x ROI

An Inside Sales Agent is key to success for new Real Estate Teams. The trick is finding the right talent and training them for greatness.

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Watch how one team boosted GCI by $700K while selling 70 more homes thanks to Inside Sales

Building a team is a big step. When you’re determined to take your business to the next level, it’s important to consider how best to leverage your time. If you’re too busy and failing to follow up with your leads, the first addition to your new team—and a 5x ROI—should be an Inside Sales Agent (ISA). We chatted with Dale Archdekin, founder of Smart Inside Sales and Director of Lead Generation for KW Philly Living, to learn how an ISA helps boost sales and how best to hire top talent.
  • In 2016 their team generated $195MM in 589 transactions, which averages approximately $10,000 in GCI (one-side) per home.
  • Their team sold 70 more homes as a result of following up by an ISA—that’s more than a 10% boost in sales or $700K in GCI.
Can anyone do this kind of follow up? What should you look for when hiring Inside Sales Agents? Dale offered some ideas on this topic in an interview with Wizehire cofounder, Jay Niblick.
Ready to Hire ISA?
Everyone becomes better with training; ISAs are no different. Your ideal ISA candidate is coachable and can adapt to your changing sales model. You’ll want to work together to perfect your scripts. Role play situations to ensure everyone on the team is operating for success. This can be daunting for new team leaders. Fortunately, Dale shared some of his best training tips for Inside Sales Agents.
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