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How hiring an admin can increase top-line revenue

In this webinar, expert real estate coach, Denise from our partners at Workman Success Systems, will share how admins grow top-line revenue and improve operations. Plus – tips on team structure, division of labor, and hiring.

Topics covered

  • 3 key signs it’s time to hire an administrative assistant
  • 5 time-consuming tasks an administrative assistant can take over for you
  • The #1 thing you need to put in your administrative assistant job ad
  • Key traits you should look for when hiring an administrative assistant 
  • The impact of an administrative assistant on your profitability

Hiring advice

  • Outline the tasks your admin will take over from you in your job ad. There will be a clear delineation of duties and candidates will know what to expect. 
  • Add screening questions or an assessment that highlights customer service skills. For customer-facing roles like admins, ask for short video submissions with applications so you get a clear idea of how they interact with people.

Key takeaways

  • Stop leaking money. Promptly follow up with leads instead of doing administrative duties so you don’t lose profit.
  • Delegate all tasks that don’t require a license. Cut busywork in half and get time back in your day.
  • Reach higher sales goals. Hiring an admin who can filter your phone calls and emails, perform all your paperwork, and manage your marketing will give you greater capacity to take on more clients.

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