Kate Mataya

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Dallas, TX


Law Firm

The challenge

As the firm took on more responsibility, McClure Law Group needed more legal staff to keep up with the caseload.

Kate manually posted job openings directly to LinkedIn and Indeed. Unlike Wizehire, these sites were charging her for each applicant resume she received.
How Wizehire worked for Kate
Job sites charged Kate for each resume submitted
Kate spent too much time recruiting people by herself
McClure Law Group could not find people that matched their work standards
With Wizehire
For one flat rate, Kate received unlimited applicants
With Wizehire empowering a more efficient recruitment process, Kate was able to focus on her clients’ needs
Kate was able to more easily identify people with the highest potential
“We're just getting the best candidates, and it's been really exciting!

It blows my mind honestly that it doesn’t cost more than it does."

Customer - Kate Mataya

Kate Mataya

Senior Associate, McClure Law Group

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