Physical Therapist
Job Description

Physical Therapist Job Description

Physical Therapist Job Overview

A physical therapist is a healthcare professional that provides patient care for individuals who face mobility challenges that impact their daily life. Physical therapists help patients with hands-on therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice/heat therapy, and more. They treat back and neck injuries, fractures, neurological disorders, work or sports injuries, and other conditions. Physical therapists make treatment plans for each patient that are based on their injuries or pain management needs. This position requires a doctorate in physical therapy and licensure in the state where they intend to practice.

Physical Therapist Job Template

Physical Therapist Job Summary

We’re looking for a healthcare professional who is passionate about helping patients as our next physical therapist. You will work with people who have mobility issues after surgery or an injury, and help them develop a treatment plan. In this role, you’ll be responsible for creating personalized health and fitness plans for patients while also providing them with physical therapy to alleviate pain and improve mobility. Our ideal candidate will have experience with a wide range of patient issues and will also be up-to-date on the most recent developments in treatment. To qualify for this position, you must have a doctorate in physical therapy and be licensed to practice in the state in which you seek employment. If you think this is a fantastic opportunity, submit your application soon!


Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapist Responsibilities

  • Talk to patients and assess their physical condition including any injuries or mobility issues
  • Evaluate and interpret findings from the patient's tests results and assessments
  • Create treatment strategies using a range of therapeutic methods for each patient
  • Perform physical therapy as directed by a doctor to reduce pain and improve mobility for patients
  • Keep records of the patient's medical history and follow all rules, regulations, and protocols
  • Consult and collaborate with other healthcare professionals

Physical Therapist Qualifications

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Previous experience working with patients in a healthcare environment is highly desired
  • Passage of the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) is required for this position
  • This position requires you to be currently licensed in the state you practice
  • Must have exceptional analytical skills, communication skills, and observational skills

Physical Therapist Compensation

$74,660 (National Average)


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