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Going All In: Wizehire’s Expanding Commitment to You and Our New Brand Identity

We know you’re always focused on propelling your business forward, and the talent on your team is what fuels your growth. To keep growing, you need top talent, but finding that ideal candidate often feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hours, days, even weeks can go by, and yet that pivotal role remains open. Every day that passes by without the right talent in your business isn’t just a missed opportunity; it’s lost momentum for your business.

But even when you think you’ve finally found “the one” and you can get back to growing your business, there’s a new, equally daunting task at hand — retention. Employee turnover isn’t just HR jargon or a statistic; it’s a significant drain on resources, time, and morale. Every time a great employee puts in their notice and embarks on a new journey with a bigger competitor, you’re not just losing talent; you’re losing a piece of your business’s future. Today, if you aren’t strategizing for retention, you’re planning for attrition.

The decks are stacked against small, growing businesses.

For the past decade, we’ve focused on helping you find that top talent by providing you with the tools and framework you can use right out of the box. Today, we’re expanding our commitment to you to ensure you can retain your hard won talent — just like the best companies in corporate America. Our proactive approach goes beyond recruiting with:

  • New onboarding products that unlock exceptional experiences for your newest hires
  • Guided tips and best practices to empower you to be a best place to work
  • Unmatched support from our Wizehire coaches and a community of businesses, like yours, to help grow your team

That’s why we’re launching a new, reimagined brand.

Our holistic approach goes beyond recruiting, and we understand your unique challenges. That why we are tailoring solutions to help you both attract and retain top talent. Because in today’s fast-paced market, it isn’t just about finding the best — it’s about keeping and retaining them.

Let’s dive into what’s new, what’s staying the same, what you can expect in the months ahead, and what our rebrand means for you.

What’s new?

Onboarding and beyond. You only get to onboard new hires once so let’s make it memorable and help you retain, grow, and develop them. Fortune 500s have HR teams focused solely on these processes. Our resources and new onboarding products help you deliver a world-class experience no matter your company size. You’ll soon get step-by-step guidance and checklists to ensure you can springboard your new hires for a successful day one. Our expanded platform will help you deliver a remarkable employee experience with all the data about your business at your fingertips.

View our growing toolbox of onboarding solutions and support.

Wizehire Connect. Launching soon, Wizehire Connect will be your go-to community for navigating the challenges of growing your business. Unite with fellow entrepreneurs, hiring managers, and HR experts for invaluable support and insights. We know entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. You don’t have to go it alone anymore — join us and experience the power of collective wisdom.

End-to-end technology to grow your business. Over the years, you’ve shown us that there are more ways we can and must support your business to help you grow. We’ve helped you apply for PPP loans straight from your dashboard and launched initiatives to help you claim thousands of dollars in tax credits. Through leveraging the power of technology, we aim to be indispensable for your growing businesses. We’re redefining the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retention, and everything in between. In the coming months and years, we’ll level up your business and grow your revenue.

Connecting employers to jobseekers. By working with you, we’ve learned what inspires and attracts the best candidates. We’ve instilled that into our new job site. It’s a place to find that hard-to-find talent for your industry. It’s designed to foster meaningful connections between you and your talent pool, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit.

Check out our new job site.

A tailored experience. Whether you’re looking to hire your first employee, expand your team, or manage your hiring across locations we have a solution tailor-made to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals. Need a personalized coaching session or team training? We’ve enhanced our flexible support to meet you and your team right where you are.

Learn more about our plans.

Our dedication to your success

At Wizehire, our mission has always been to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes, empowering them to thrive with the right talent. We’ve built the most deeply-personalized hiring platform for your business – one opportunity, one team, and one perfect fit at a time.

We’re committed to helping you build dynamic teams, whether you’re just getting started or scaling your business. To continue leveling the playing field, we want to ensure you have access to:

  • Valuable content, thought leadership, and resources
  • Customizable, industry-proven job templates, and interview guides
  • A dedicated team of Wizehire coaches fluent in your industry

Rebranding to match our expanded commitment to you

We’re launching a reimagined brand to encompass this ever-expanding mission to help you deliver a great employee experience. Our job is to provide you with the best practices, tools, and support for your growing business. Our new brand reflects our commitment to credibility, innovation, and unmatched customer value. We’re focused on the same principals:

  • Strong connections with our customers
  • Combining technology with genuine care that speaks your language

Wizehire is dedicated to helping you grow your team with confidence.

Together, we can shape the trajectory of your business. That starts with a dynamic hiring process that rewards everyone. We’re excited about the future and look forward to continuing our mission to serve and help you achieve lasting success. Here’s to an incredible journey ahead!

We’re always rooting for your growing business!

– Sid

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