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7 Ways to Hire More Housekeeping Staff

Finding and keeping skilled housekeeping staff is essential in the bustling hospitality industry. The good news is that there are practical strategies to ramp up your recruitment efforts, ensuring you build a reliable and efficient housekeeping team. Here’s how to get it done and dusted.

What to Consider When Hiring Housekeeping Staff

Effective hiring begins with understanding what you need in candidates and how to gauge their fit for your housekeeping staff. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll boost your odds of finding people who can get the job done and enhance the guest experience, making your hotel an even better place to stay.

Key factors to consider include: 

  • Physical demands: Look for candidates who can handle the physical aspects of the job, such as standing, bending, lifting, and walking for extended periods.
  • Skill set: Value housekeepers who demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions, and a commitment to cleanliness standards.
  • Experience: While previous experience in a similar role is beneficial, consider candidates new to the field who possess the necessary skills.
  • Cultural fit: Assess how potential hires fit into our company’s culture and team dynamics to enhance team dynamics
  • Background checks: Given the job’s exposure to guests’ items, conducting comprehensive background checks is essential.

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7 Best Practices for Hiring Housekeepers

Housekeeping staff significantly impacts the guest experience and your property’s overall success. You can’t overstate their importance—they keep everything clean and guest-ready, often creating that all-important first impression.

By implementing these best practices, you can attract more and better housekeeping candidates, leading to a stronger, more dependable housekeeping team.

1. Start With a Well-Written Job Post

A clear and detailed job post sets the stage for attracting the right candidates. It details the daily responsibilities, required skills, physical demands (like lifting, bending, etc.), and employer branding.

Be specific about the role, including cleaning, maintenance tasks, and guest interaction expectations. Highlight any unique aspects of the job, such as working with specialty cleaning products or high-end amenities, to attract people who meet those specific needs.

2. Use Multiple Recruiting Channels

Cast a wider net using more than just one or two recruitment channels. Maximize your reach by posting your open roles on numerous job boards using a hiring platform like Wizehire. Also, consider using social media and advertising on Craiglist, a popular place to post housekeeping roles.

There are also offline methods to consider, such as local community boards, vocational schools, and job fairs popular with hospitality sector job seekers.

3. Build a Strong Employee Referral Program

Leverage your current housekeeping staff’s networks through a robust employee referral program. Companies typically offer incentives such as bonuses, gift cards, or extra time off for employees who refer candidates who are hired and stay on the job for a certain period.

A program like this helps you reach skilled people who might not be actively searching for employment and often leads to candidates who are a great cultural fit.

4. Seek Fresh Talent Looking for Entry-Level Roles

Contact vocational schools, community colleges, and universities with hospitality or related programs. Students from these institutions are typically eager to kickstart their careers and can bring new ideas to your team.

Consider offering workshops or internships to introduce students to your company, positioning it as an attractive employer upon graduation.

Emphasize that a housekeeping role can be a valuable entry point into the hospitality industry, offering a pathway to various career opportunities rather than a standstill position. This strategy allows you to access a pool of motivated candidates trained in the latest industry standards.

5. Revisit Your Employee Benefits Package

Take a close look at your employee value proposition and consider customizing it to suit the hospitality industry’s unique needs. For instance, housekeepers often value flexible scheduling.

According to trends in Wizehire’s 2024 Small Business Report, the top benefits that small businesses offer their employees include health insurance (66%), paid time off (61%), and flexible work scheduling (50%).

By being transparent about these benefits during the recruiting process, you can demonstrate your understanding of your employees’ needs and enhance your company’s appeal as an employer. 

Competitive employee benefits to consider: 

  • flexible schedules
  • discounted meals
  • transit stipends
  • paid time off
  • childcare
  • health insurance 
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance

6. Simplify the Application Process

Make the application process as straightforward as possible. Many potential housekeeping candidates may be deterred by a complicated or lengthy application.

Evaluate whether your current application process is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and requires only essential applicant information first. Simplifying this process can increase the number of people who complete and submit applications.

7. Address Possible Language Barriers

Offer recruitment materials and job applications in multiple languages. Consider providing language support, such as interpreting tools, during the interview process to ensure clear communication and demonstrate respect for diverse backgrounds.

“Tipping in rooms has become a thing of the past. Why not put a QR code in the hotel room where guests can tip their housekeeping staff?”

– Deirdre Sullivan, Wizehire Director of Content Marketing

Retaining Your Housekeeping Staff

Between high industry turnover rates and seasonal hiring surges, maintaining the right number of housekeepers on staff requires a proactive approach. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality industry has an annual turnover rate of 73.8%. Two proactive strategies can help manage these challenges: stay interviews and talent pipelines.

Stay Interviews

A stay interview gathers feedback that boosts employee retention. Unlike traditional exit interviews, which happen when an employee decides to leave the company, stay interviews are conversations held with active employees.

During a stay interview, the manager usually asks open-ended questions to encourage employees to provide honest feedback about: 

  • experiences 
  • perceptions
  • job expectations 
  • work environment
  • career development opportunities
  • compensation and benefits
  • company culture

Conducting stay interviews is a proactive way for managers to keep a finger on the pulse of their teams and learn what matters to their employees. Afterward, you can put together a plan to resolve any concerns.

Talent Pipeline

Building a talent pipeline is an effective way to approach seasonal hiring surges and ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates. Here are practical tips for developing a robust talent pipeline for housekeeping staff:

  • Proactive recruitment: Instead of waiting for vacancies, continuously gather resumes and applications to create a pool of potential candidates. 
  • Engage past employees: Keep a database of former employees who have left on good terms and might be interested in returning permanently or for peak seasons.
  • Offer temp positions: It is an effective way to assess temporary workers in a natural job setting so you can offer permanent positions to those who excel. 
  • Seasonal recruitment: Plan job fairs or open house hiring events ahead of seasonal surges to ensure you have enough staff to handle the busy season.

Wize Words

At Wizehire, we understand the challenges of hiring housekeeping staff. Our online recruiting platform simplifies the process, from posting jobs on multiple boards to managing interviews and onboarding new hires. Our tools can help you maintain an efficient and dedicated housekeeping team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional ways to reduce turnover rates among housekeeping staff?

To reduce turnover rates among housekeeping staff, focus on creating a supportive work environment that values their contributions. Implement regular training and development opportunities to help people advance in their careers. Remember, creating a respectful and inclusive culture improves job satisfaction and loyalty. These strategies not only improve retention but also attract top talent.

What are effective interview questions for housekeeping staff? 

Effective interview questions for housekeeping staff assess a candidate’s experience, work ethic, and fit for the role. Examples include: “Can you describe your previous housekeeping experience?” to gauge background; “How do you prioritize tasks when faced with multiple urgent cleanings?” to understand organizational skills; and “Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult guest or situation,” to assess problem-solving and customer service skills. Asking “What motivates you in your work?” can show if they align with your company’s values and culture.


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    With a rich background in content development, Leighann creates engaging, educational articles that resonate with small and growing businesses. Her role involves ensuring the accuracy and quality of content and collaborating with other board members to assess the accuracy and compliance of content.

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The article was reviewed by Deirdre Sullivan

Leighann Emo

With a rich background in content development, Leighann creates engaging, educational articles that resonate with small and growing businesses. Her role involves ensuring the accuracy and quality of content and collaborating with other board members to assess the accuracy and compliance of content.

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