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The Future of Real Estate is Teams

Are you prepared to lead a real estate team or would you prefer to follow another agent’s lead? In 3-5 years, you may have to make that choice.
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We talked with Lars Hedenborg who believes the future is now! Are you ready to be part of it?
Does your marketing plan reflect the massive changes going on right now in the Real Estate industry? Things are changing and will continue to do so over the next 3-5 years. Mega Real Estate teams are popping up inside brokerages across the US, and for good reason:
  • Teams give buyers and sellers access to twice the resources at the same price—reaching a closing even faster!
  • Teams close more deals, serving more customers than an individual agent ever could.
The question to ask yourself is, “Will you be advertising to build your own team, or responding to an ad to work for someone else?”
I’m ready to build my team!


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