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Industry Insights

Team Development and Retaining Top Talent During an Industry Slowdown

Wizehire talks with Tim Hooper + team to discuss team development and retaining top talent during an industry slowdown.
Wizehire talks with Tim Hooper, plus the team to discuss team development and retaining top talent during an industry slowdown. https://wizehire.wistia.com/medias/lqmqzfaefq?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640

Topics covered

  • How Wizehire syndicates ads on all available job boards
  • Current labor market trends and impacts on hiring in real estate
  • How Wizehire’s DISC+ assessments & value indicators can streamline the hiring process

Hiring advice

  • Stay connected with top-talent. Even if you’re not hiring right now, keeping up with prospective talent will ensure that you can source the best candidate for each role when you do need to fill a position.
  • Use industry-approved job templates Did you know that most job boards use algorithms to prioritize the visibility of job ads? When you use an approved template, you can customize it yourself and still get the results of an optimized ad!
  • Empower and engage your team. Using the DISC+ assessment tool, you can more clearly see how a new individual will fit into the organization as a whole. It can also help you discover hidden talents and strengths among your existing employees!

Key takeaways to retaining top talent

  • Job-seeker interest in the real estate industry is high. Current labor market trends— as it pertains to real estate— are on the rise, which is good news for your business! This gives you the chance to comprehensively build out your hiring strategy.
  • An ‘always hiring’ mentality is key. If you are continuously on the lookout for top talent and good personality fits that are coming your way, you can ensure that your team will always be operating at full capacity.
  • Building a culture of success is crucial. When you discover what motivates your candidates and where your team’s strengths lie, you can facilitate an environment where they are allowed to shine. A flourishing business is born when employees are allowed to perform their best work.
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