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Beyond Onboarding: Comprehensive Recruitment with Wizehire

A new employee’s first day on the job is very exciting, but getting them to that point doesn’t just happen overnight. Employee onboarding software can reduce the time and effort spent recruiting new hires, which can be a massive drain on a company’s resources.  What can a busy human resources team do to recruit better […]

Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Fitness Club New Hires

With the fitness landscape constantly evolving, the need for a well-structured onboarding process has never been more critical.

Effective Mortgage Onboarding Strategies: Reducing Turnover and Increasing Productivity

Research shows that nearly 30% of new employees leave their jobs within the first six months of employment, and ineffective onboarding is a significant factor in this trend. This is especially important in the highly competitive mortgage industry. A mortgage onboarding plan can make the difference between retaining an employee for the long term and

New Hire Email Account Created Template

A great way you can easily communicate company information and paperwork prior to a new hire's start date is setting up their email account.

Background Check Release Form

As part of your qualification process for new employees, you may want to conduct a background check. Use this form to secure their permission.

Interview Invitation Template

This interview invitation template can be used for any industry, position and applicant. Feel free to customize it to your needs.

The New Hire Checklist: How To Onboard Employees The Right Way

Set your new hire up for success by giving them a proper onboarding. Save time with our templates and an employee onboarding checklist.

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