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Company Culture

New Look. Same Mission. Bigger Vision.

Welcome to Wizehire’s new look and bigger vision! Since starting Wizehire in 2014, our goal is always to help you make better hires. We recently launched a friendlier website, more online resources, and simpler software—all part of our expanded vision to help you improve your entire hiring process.

Why Change?

One of our core values is Customer-Driven Innovation. We believe in keeping open lines of communication with our customers so we can learn from you and continuously improve our product and service in ways that directly benefit you. We change because you want/need it. We never change simply for the sake of change. To us true innovation is customer-driven.

What’s New Today?

An improved hiring experience.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve streamlined our dashboard with a cleaner design, making it even easier to track applicants through your Hiring Stages and communicate with them quickly from your laptop or phone.

A more approachable website.

We employed warmer colors and more direct navigation conveying our desire to always remember the human impact of what we do while still embracing cutting-edge technology.

A new logo.

We’re in business to help you grow and promise to keep that mission ever-green in everything we do. When we started designing our first logo, we wanted it to be bright and sharp like the service we were providing. Our new logo has warmer feel and softer edges to help invite you in and make a difficult process more approachable.

How Far Have We Come?

Would you believe our first ‘product’ was an excel spreadsheet? In the early days, we helped hiring managers who were drowning in data understand personality assessments and manually find candidates who were the best fit. These efforts soon bloomed into a method to predictably hire successful candidates. At the time, personality assessments like DISC had been used in hiring for decades, but were very subjective to the whims of who hiring managers ‘thought’ would be a good fit. There was no real benchmark to predict success. After evaluating data from hundreds of organizations and looking for correlations with top performance, we were able to build predictive models to compare candidates and help hiring managers navigate the hiring process. These early successes were two-fold: we helped hiring managers find the right hires while also helping candidates find the right jobs in which they could contribute, thrive, and be happy. But there was one problem: hiring managers weren’t getting enough applicants. Here’s where the Wizehire you know and love was really born. In 2015, we made candidate sourcing and helping you write high quality job posts our top priority, and soon began partnering with all top job boards. Since 2014, more than 1 million job seekers have completed our assessments and we have helped over 3000 hiring managers find and hire over 20,000 job seekers. Large or small, known or unknown… You have helped us get here today and we thank you!

What 3 Things Will Never Change?

1. Our Commitment to Our Customers.

Every day we help thousands of clients grow their businesses and build their teams. Whether you are making your first hire or your 50th, we aspire to make the difficult process of recruiting and hiring easier. We are building a world-class team of experts to help you attract and hire top talent. With our expert Hiring Coaches and easy-to-use software behind you, we know you will find great people consistently.

2. Open Lines of Communication.

Our Hiring Coaches are in the trenches with you every day navigating the maze of job ads, resumes, assessments and applicants. This has a dual benefit: Working with you gives them ideas. Working with us gives you ideas. Every idea shared is evaluated and communicated to the silent heroes on our team—our Product Engineers. Ever-responsive, never-tiring, hungry to innovate, no idea is too large or too small for our growing team to tackle. If it helps you hire top talent better/faster/smarter, we want to hear it!

3. Helping You Make Great Hires.

Using our predictive hiring technology, you’re already making great hires. The only thing that will change at Wizehire is that it will all happen faster! We stay up to date on hiring trends, are always thinking about and using the best technology, and believe we can help everyone ‘Hire Like A Pro’. We walk our talk every single day.

What’s Next?

Since we’re constantly building and improving, it’s sometimes hard to isolate the most important new tools and resources, but here’s a sneak peak:

Even Wizer Hiring

We’re always on the hunt for integrations, tools and services that will help you get the most out of your recruiting presence. Anything we can do to help you achieve a more thorough and complete picture of who you’re going to hire and how to get in front of them is a task worth doing. We’re starting to roll out more technical assessments to your dashboard, and with integrations like Zapier we can connect Wizehire with your favorite apps—empowering your recruiting workflow.

Recruiting Daily

So you can optimize your time on Wizehire, we will share more key details in your inbox every morning such as how many new applicants you have, who are the top contenders for your open positions, which applicants sent you messages, along with suggestions from our team of Hiring Coaches on how you can improve your candidate sourcing results.

Improved Hiring Templates

On our mission to help small business owners make better hires, we want to make more content available and be your go-to recruiting partner. Hiring should be an approachable process no matter the size of your business. We provide suggestions, information and examples that you can use in all steps of the hiring process. From fillable interviewing templates to job descriptions, complete hiring guides to onboarding ideas, we want to position you for success and help you build the best hiring brand in your market!

Knowledgeable Resources

We eat, sleep and breathe recruiting and hiring. We’re scouring the internet and interviewing successful customers so we can provide you with useful tips, tricks and innovation to improve your hiring results. Actionable information is always a click away on our new resources pages and blog!

What’s Wizehire’s Future Vision?

Our vision is simple: to help you hire like a pro. We will continue to build the best products that help our customers achieve their goals faster and more easily. We want to streamline all of your hiring efforts so you can hire with confidence. With our new look and a bigger vision to help you improve your entire hiring process, we’re excited to continue the journey! Here’s to the Wizest hiring in the world! – Jay and Sid


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