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Lead Real Estate Agents: What Makes Them Tick?

Everyone wants one or more top-producing, lead real estate agents on their team. But where do they come from? Are they born or made? We’ve studied top performing lead agent personality behavior (DISC) and motivational (Values) profiles. Here’s what the best lead real estate agents have in common:
  • Behavior – Higher Decisive and Interactive with lower Stablizing and Cautious.
    • Pros – The high D brings the decisiveness, assertiveness and aggressiveness that are normally required for tougher prospecting, negotiations and closing. The high I enables aggressive prospecting, networking, socializing and persuading. The low S brings with it an attraction to a fast paced, chaotic environment that is never predictable. The low C allows one to move quickly without the need for long decision-making cycles, details or minutia.
    • Cons – The high D is impatient and intolerant of indecisiveness (e.g., “Can you show me a 23rd house?”). The high I is disorganized, scattered and tends to oversell ideas. The low S can result in too little structure and process (e.g., let’s just wing it). The low C lacks attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Motivators – Economic in first place, followed by Individualistic and Political. Referred to as the “Sales Motivational Cluster.”
    • Pros – As lead real estate agents fill a commission-based role, having Economic in first place is perhaps one of the single most important variables. The Individualistic is rewarded by the freedom of being out of the office, independence and ability to control one’s own schedule/activity. The Political is important in sales because great salespeople remain in control of the sale. It is their job, not the buyer’s, and they take that responsibility seriously.
    • Cons – High Economics won’t get out of bed for any role that doesn’t offer to increase compensation with performance. The Individualist hates to be stifled and will always prefer to try something new, their way, over repeating the same old way everyone else does it. The high Political is usually hard to manage since they like being in charge as much as their boss.

They naturally like to be in charge of the sale

  In summary, if you’re seeking successful lead real estate agents, look for hunter/gatherer salespeople who love competition, relish the challenge, despise the loss, and prefer to be in control of any situation.
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They are most at home prospecting and pioneering uncharted waters, love the adventure of not knowing what tomorrow (or the afternoon) will bring and would die inside if boxed into a cubicle and forced to repeat the same detailed tasks over and over. Their style is ideally suited for the acquisition of new sales, fast sales and combat. They prefer a role where rewards are tied directly to performance, like lots of freedom. They naturally like to be in charge of the sale. When you examine the structure of your agency, are you meeting the needs of your top performing, lead real estate agents?

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