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Hospitality Adds Most Jobs of Any Industry in January 2023

The hospitality industry hired the most new employees of any industry in the month of January 2023. This is huge news for an industry that was hit very hard by the pandemic and is still recovering.
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The US jobs report for January 2023 brought surprisingly great news to the economy as a whole, with 517,000 jobs added in the month. The Leisure and Hospitality industry led the way with more than 128,000. This is great news for the industry that was hit the hardest by the pandemic. Even with those extra jobs, the industry is still 2.9% below it’s pre-pandemic peak. Many of the jobs filled in January were posted in December, which is a great time to be posting jobs that you want to fill in the new year. Hospitality businesses are adopting new hiring practices, reaching outside the industry to find new talent, and offering new benefits to attract next-generation talent. This news comes as hospitality businesses are staffing up for the upcoming Spring Break and Summer busy seasons. Hiring in January gives employers the time they need to train new employees before the crowds arrive. Other industries that saw huge jumps in jobs added in January were Education and Health, Business Services, Government, Retail, Construction, and Manufacturing, with only Education and Health coming close to Hospitality’s huge numbers for the month. If you are a hospitality business looking to staff up, Wizehire can help. Our experienced hiring coaches guide you through the hiring process to make sure your job ads are optimized to find top talent, our applicant tracking system keeps all your applicants in one place, and our DISC+ personality assessments help you identify talent that’s geared toward providing guests with a 5-star experience every time. See if Wizehire is right for your business.  


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