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Growing a Home Service Business? Solve These Top 3 Challenges

Many professionals in the home services industry started working for themselves because they’re great at what they do. However, only 10% of home service business owners make it past year 10. Their secret? They had help along the way.

We work with hundreds of business owners in the home services industry and we keep hearing the same thing. Their top 3 challenges are:

  • Getting visibility to generate leads
  • Having enough time to manage qualified leads
  • Finding top talent to position themselves for long-term growth

WizeHire and our partner, Dominant Digital are committed to your success. We’ve outlined how to fill  gaps and sustain your business growth long term. 

Get visibility to generate leads with the right marketing strategy

According to recent research, 55% of home services consumers do a Google search before scheduling an appointment.

That’s why a streamlined marketing strategy is essential for attracting prospects and sustained business growth. 

Chris Licause, the Principal at Dominant Digital, has spent his 20-year career specializing in small business growth through online performance marketing. 

He suggests targeting local keywords to make sure you’re attracting qualified leads.

“One of my clients was ranking really well for keywords that described the business offerings, but none of those keywords were driving local traffic. After launching a new website optimized for Google Search, local website traffic skyrocketed within the first month to 20+ leads a day with $0 ad spend.”

Expand admin capacity to respond to and convert more lead requests

Once you start to get more leads, it’s important to ask yourself if you have the administrative capacity to respond to those lead requests and convert them into paying customers. 

A missed call is a missed opportunity for your business. Leads are 9x more likely to convert if followed up within 5 minutes of their initial inquiry. Studies also have shown that 80% of sales often require 5 follow up calls to convert a lead. 

If you are getting more leads than you can manage on your own, it’s time to start making strategic investments in support staff. 

My general position is to hire an assistant before you think you need one,” says Chris. “So you can delegate tasks and focus on building your business.

Position your business for long-term growth by investing in skilled talent

Convert more qualified leads and demand will grow. However, you can’t take on more work if you don’t make essential hires. 

Chris shared with us how hiring the right workers helped one of his clients increase their annual revenue by 333%:

“I started working with a heating & air conditioning company that was under $3M per year in annual revenue just a few years ago, and they’re now approaching $10M. There’s no way they could have done that without growing their team of installers, technicians, and office staff. 

Don’t be afraid to hire quality people. It feels like a big expense, but a funny thing happens when you add an employee. It makes you laser focused on sales and marketing, which is what’s necessary to grow your business.”

Grow your home services business today

Digital marketing, answering lead requests, and hiring staff are all full-time jobs. The most profitable entrepreneurs don’t go it alone. According to Inc., “They’re successful because they’ve found the right people with the right skills to accomplish nearly everything for them.”

Are you ready to get started on the next step in your business’s journey? Here’s how to get started depending on your business needs:

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