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Gary Keller’s Secrets to Building Successful Real Estate Teams

Recruit the right talent and achieve success in real estate. Here are Gary Keller’s tips on how hiring right can help you 2x your business.

3 Key Hires Hold Your Secret to Success ????????????

Gary Keller on Leverage & Growth

  • Hire an assistant fast—to free you to focus on sales.
  • Outsource more showing responsibilities as you grow.
  • Build a team you can trust.
Gary Keller and Keller Williams have mastered the art of scaling a Real Estate business. They have taught us that great talent is irreplaceable and poor hires can do damage. In The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary points to failures in hiring as one of the top 10 reasons agents don’t become millionaires. You went into business to pursue your passion and serve your customers—not to be a recruiter. Thankfully, there is good news! According to Gary Keller, if you hire the right people and build your team effectively, you are steps away from a high leverage organization where 3 key individuals report directly to you and help manage your growth.
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How to Recruit Select Talent ???? & Build Leverage ????

Your 1st Hire: Many agents presume a Buyer’s Agent (BA) is their first hire. Recruiting a good BA will double your business—and double your paperwork. Your first hire should be an Administrative Assistant who has the skills and drive to grow into an Executive Assistant. Let’s DISC ’em: You should focus on a high S/C because they’ll do everything right, but Gary cautions on that point. He likes to sacrifice a little C and have a little more D–so they can make some decisions. With their higher D, this individual can manage your hiring process.

Close More Deals.

Your 2nd Hire: After bringing on someone on who can handle the details, you can get back to appointments and closing listings. There will come a time when you will need help working with all the buyers coming your way. Hiring a Showing Assistant comes next. This person will one day become a Buyer Agent. Let’s DISC ’em: Look for this assistant to remain a fair amount of S/C, but their I should be higher. They’ll need to be conscientious enough to maintain an appointment schedule, yet personable enough to work with your buyers.

Focus on Real Growth.

Your 3rd Hire: As you become more successful even your time spent with sellers will not be as high leverage. Now is the time to bring on a Listing Specialist. This person will free you up to focus on growing your real estate business. Let’s DISC ’em: Your Listing Specialist/Agent should be your mirror image. Your ideal Listing Specialist is a high D/I, someone who can hunt and gather and go out on all your appointments.

Believe in Your Team.

As you fill these 3 roles, seek out candidates who are hungry to help you succeed and drive your business forward. These people are your future leaders. They will build out their own direct reports as your business expands. This group will bring you tremendous leverage, so you can focus on selling and pursuing your passions—and become a millionaire real estate agent!
“It’s not about the money… it’s about being the best you can be!” -Gary Keller
Surround yourself with these 3 great hires and you will be the best you can be.
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