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Lessons in Leadership

Gary Keller and ONE Thing for Real Estate Owners

If you want to build your business, here’s the ONE Thing you need to do to start toppling dominos

  • Identify your big goal.
  • Work it backwards to now.
  • Determine ONE Thing you can do today.

In Gary Keller’s book, The ONE Thing, he describes a mindset of thinking small to act BIG. Imagine a line of dominos and how knocking down the first one starts a tidal wave of motion, and once in motion one small domino can knock over much larger ones.

What’s my big goal?

Applying this concept into one’s life begins with determining a big goal and then working backwards. Picture your business in 5 years. If you are looking to expand, you want to determine the ONE Thing you need to accomplish today that will take you one step closer to goal achievement. Ask yourself, by doing that ONE Thing, will everything else will become easier or unnecessary?

If your goal is to build a thriving real estate business in the next 5 years, this post is designed for you.

How can I grow?

Gary suggests starting with this question: “What’s the ONE Thing I can do in the next 6 months to find and develop incredible talent?”

Here are some examples of ONE Things that can help you to begin your growth process:

In terms of preparing to be the leader of a team, maybe I need to enhance my leadership capabilities.
ONE Thing: Interview the community leader I most admire.

To assist in finding the right candidates, I need to educate myself on the necessary qualities in great Admins, Buyers Agents, ISA’s, etc.
ONE Thing: Learn more about DISC and how I can use it in hiring.

To create a business model that doesn’t solely rely on me generating all the revenue, I need to create a sustainable business.
ONE Thing: Share my sales techniques by having new agents on my team shadow me for 6 months.

Because I’ve never hired anyone before, I need to get familiar with sound hiring practices.
ONE Thing: Spend 4 hours online gathering information on recruiting and interviewing and define a process to use.

Only 4 hours a day

If you become disciplined enough to work 4 hours per day on your ONE Thing, you’ll bring your 5 year dream into reality. Keller advises us to go big by getting small. Laser-focused effort on ONE Thing nets big results!

Find your people. Grow your team. Meet your Wizehire.