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Elevate Your Onboarding: New Hire Experience is Crucial to Your Business Success

You’ve considered the needs for your open role, conducted dozens of thorough interviews, and made the decision to hire your top candidate. What happens next? 

Now more than ever, a great onboarding experience is the first step to creating a long-term relationship with new hires. According to Harvard Business Review, a formal onboarding process improves new hire retention by 50%.

You invest precious time and money in finding the right candidate to grow your business. Set-up your new hire for success with a lawyer-approved e-sign offer letter, adding them to payroll, and completing paperwork before day one. 

We know you want to provide an excellent employee experience, but your time is limited. Gallup reports that only 12% of employees think their company onboards new hires well. For small and growing businesses, a great employee onboarding experience can quickly become a big advantage and a top reason talent joins you—versus your bigger competitors. 

Today, we’re expanding our deeply personalized approach to onboarding, giving you the resources and support to ensure new hires get up to speed quickly so they can start contributing to your business’s growth right away. 

For the past decade, Wizehire has focused on building best-in-class tools to help you find top talent. Now, our commitment to you is to expand our platform to help you deliver a world-class onboarding experience with tailor made resources—matching what’s found at larger corporations. 

Our new Team Dashboard is a single, secure location to customize onboarding resources and view your team’s relevant information.

Easy access to onboarding tools and valuable team insights:

  • Lawyer-approved e-sign job offer letter templates
  • More payroll integrations to simplify your day-to-day 
  • Automatic tax credit screening to help you find capital for your business and more 
  • Easily track impact details like start dates, contact information, and compensation history
  • Clarify your company culture with our Team Values report to keep your growing organization engaged and aligned with your mission

Taking a holistic view of your team will give you the awareness and strategies to build a unified, collaborative team that you can develop and set-up for long term success. 

This is only the beginning. Our mission has always been to level the playing field so businesses of all sizes can compete and thrive with the right talent. We’re continuing to expand our platform to meet your needs and help you give your new hires a world-class experience, so you can focus on the growth of your business. We’re rooting for your success!

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