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Drowning in Paperwork? Time for a Transaction Coordinator

Do you ever feel trapped under all of the paperwork from your last successful real estate transaction? You want to be out hunting for your next sale, but you’re stuck finalizing the last deal. Admittedly, paperwork isn’t your strong suit. You need to find someone to handle those critical finishing touches. One of the toughest hires to make in a top real estate agency is the Transaction Coordinator or Administrative Executive. How do you know if you’re bringing on a good one?
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Based on studying top performing Administrative/Transaction Coordinator personality profiles, here’s what correlates with being the best in the role. DISC (Behavior) – Low Decisive, mid-line Interactive, very high Stabilizing and Cautious.
  • Pros – The low D results in more deliberate decision-making and support roles. The mid-line I is a nice Goldilocks mix of extroversion and introversion. The very high S brings consistency, reliability and a supportive approach. The very high C ensures accuracy, attention to detail; discipline and a desire to ensure things are done “the right way.”
  • Cons – In people with a Low D combined with very high S and C, they may move much more slowly and deliberately than a high D leader may prefer. They do not like change. Unstable environments of conflict make them tense. They can also become passive aggressive instead of confronting issues and dealing with them directly.
Values (Motivations) – Altruistic, Regulatory and Theoretical.
  • Pros – Their desire to serve, be a part of a team and benefit it, and support others makes a great fit for the role. The Regulatory drive provides a motivation to systematize everything. They like to see things run more smoothly and predictably. The high Theoretical helps them to constantly be interested in learning new ways to improve things. They like to create new processes and ways to be better.
  • Cons – They can be too giving at times, to the point where they burn out. Their strong preference for systems and rules can slow innovation or interfere with rampant change that may be necessary in the industry. Plus their high Theoretical means they must constantly be challenged to learn new things. The moment they stop having opportunities to learn, they start getting bored with the job.

TCs are the anchor on the team

  Transaction Coordinator Summary: Loyal, faithful and sincerely interested in helping everyone else however they can with no ulterior motive. They tend to serve as the anchor on a team. They like to help stabilize disruption, provide consistency and reassure everyone that everything is under control. They are ideally suited for exacting skills that guarantee rules are followed, details checked and quality met. Can you see how hiring a transaction coordinator is critical to the success of the real estate agency? People with this behavioral and motivational style LOVE handling details and they do it naturally. This frees up the agency owner/executive to do more of what he/she does best—sell, sell, sell! When you’re ready to make this important hire, look no further than our job board friendly job template.  
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