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Boost Real Estate Job Ad SEO In 6 Easy Steps

Why is job ad SEO important? Proper SEO ensures you’ll get the attention of top talent. Follow these 6 tips to attract the right applicants.
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Welcome to inbox overload!
Getting the attention of qualified applicants for real estate positions can be achieved through improving your job ad SEO. Why is job ad SEO important to job seekers? They upload their resumes to one job board and get bombarded with job ads. Welcome to inbox overload. They want to find their next awesome gig, but it’s increasingly tough with the volume and speed of information coming at them. How do you ensure your job ad rises to the top of job seeker searches and gets in front of the most qualified real estate applicants? Applying SEO principles to your job ad is easy.

Here are 6 tips to improve your job ad SEO:

1. Find and use keywords in the job ad title

Attracting the right candidates starts with the title. This is not the place to get overly creative. If you’re hiring a buyer’s agent to do real estate sales, SAY you’re hiring a buyer’s agent to do real estate sales. Applicants are not searching for, “Al Earned $85,000 His First 6 Months With Us, Are You Our Next Al?” (Not kidding! This was a job title before our the expert Hiring Coaches at Wizehire intervened!) They’re called keywords for a reason… they’re critical to the success of your job ad. How do you find the right keywords? Some research on Google Adwords will help. Also try answering this question: What job titles are in your top candidate’s resume? If you’re seeking someone with real estate experience, be sure you use the words “real estate” in the title.

2. Repetition is good for job ad SEO… keyword stuffing is bad

Once you’ve found your keyword(s), use them carefully. Search engines love to find keywords in multiple places inside your job ad, but there can be too much of a good thing. Bots are constantly on the lookout for keyword stuffing or trying to hide keywords in random places in your ads. Think about your applicants, how many times can they tolerate reading the same words over and over again before they’ll click off your ad?

3. Job ad SEO requires being informative, but brief

We’ve already established applicants get overloaded with information. Getting to the ‘Apply Now’ button sooner rather than later is a benefit since most job seekers are sitting in their cars on their smartphones looking for their next gig. You know how much time real estate professionals spend in their cars! We’re not going to quote you a specific word count here. Since we study human behavior for a living, we know that the word tolerance of a Real Estate Sales Agent is VERY different than a Transaction Coordinator. We’ll just say this: for a TC, keep it short. For a Real Estate Sales Agent, keep it super-short! And don’t forget about those keywords. Use them a few times inside your job ad.

4. Local job ad SEO improves when you reinforce the location:

Where is your (their) office? If your real estate agency covers multiple markets, say so in your job ad. This is how you get some local SEO; there’s nothing like it to boost your search results! Job boards are smart. They know the location of the ISP your job seekers are using when they search for a job. Mention your office headquarters along with the territory a real estate agent will be covering inside your job ad.

5. Share your job ad everywhere

Being SEO-friendly means applicants and SEO bots can find your job posting in a variety of places like job boards, social media, and on your website’s careers page. No matter where they search “Real Estate Sales Agent in Springfield, USA”, make sure they can find you!

6. SELL yourself in your job ad

Just like writing a compelling MLS listing, the About Us section of your job ad is your time to shine. Applicants want to know why they should leave their current gig and work for you. The NAR states only 6% of real estate sales agents will move agencies in a year. You need to look better than the other 94%! What benefits, perks, culture, etc., can they expect when they work for you? These 6 simple tips can increase your job ad SEO, but you can get even more applicants by applying this:

BONUS JOB AD SEO TIP: Include compensation

The second question applicants are asked is how much they want to make. If Al really did make $85,000 in his first 6 months, don’t be afraid to say so! Of course, Al was a model real estate agent and followed your plan to the letter. You don’t want to guarantee those results to every agent applicant. Here’s how you state it: “$85,000 at plan commission”. If you pay your Transaction Coordinator a salary plus a bonus on contracts signed, use this: “$55,000 includes base plus bonus”. To attract the highest quality candidates, cite the highest compensation you can. How do you put it all together to get that elusive SEO? Here’s a sample Real Estate Sales Agent ad from our library of proven templates: (keywords are highlighted) Job Title: Real Estate Sales Agent Job Description: We Need Real Estate Sales Agents Who Can Handle 30+ Leads a Month The Springfield, USA market is expanding and we are looking for driven sales self-starters like you. Our business model is to take away the barriers to lead generation and marketing most real estate sales agents experience to let you do what you do best… sell real estate. Our company has grown through our expert knowledge of the Curran, Westside, Downtown and McKnight neighborhoods and we are just getting started. If you are an ambitious, self-motivated, polished real estate sales professional looking for a rewarding full-time sales position and are ready for a fresh approach, you will love being part of our agency. Average earnings are $85,000+ at plan commission and top agents are making MUCH MORE! Here is what we offer:
  • No marketing outlay: that’s right you won’t spend a dime on buyer leads.
  • No monthly office broker fees.
  • Advanced marketing and technology systems that set you up for success.
  • Proven onboarding and training programs.
  • Dedicated Call Center Team to help book your showings.
Did we mention we provide you with 30+ leads per month? We are currently hiring in Springfield. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, upload your resume and we will set up a time to discuss further to see if you are the right fit. Job Responsibilities: • Consult with clients in order to discover their property desires; then find properties that meet those needs • Provide world class customer service to buyers • Manage incoming leads by phone, email, text and CRM • Consistently network and market to prospect for new customers • Establish a prosperous and long-term real estate sales career by supporting and learning from other team-oriented agents Job Qualifications: • Current Real Estate Sales License or willing to obtain (We can help you get one!) • Familiarity with the area real estate market • Willingness to learn new tools, systems, and technologies Compensation: $85,000 at plan commission There you have it, the formula for turning your job ads into Search Engine Optimized applicant attention-getters! Would you like expert help in making your next hire? Wizehire helps you find talent and keep it.
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