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Beyond Onboarding: Comprehensive Recruitment with Wizehire

A new employee’s first day on the job is very exciting, but getting them to that point doesn’t just happen overnight. Employee onboarding software can reduce the time and effort spent recruiting new hires, which can be a massive drain on a company’s resources. 

What can a busy human resources team do to recruit better and faster? Did you know that it’s possible to shorten the recruitment phase and turn the application process into a more satisfactory onboarding, too?

With the improved technology of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Wizehire, time spent looking for talent isn’t wasted once they’re hired.

Here’s how the activities you do in the recruiting phase can reduce onboarding tasks later and why Wizehire is the tool to get it done.  

What is employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software is a tool that helps with the administrative tasks of bringing new employees to your company and helping them integrate into your workforce. It may include many of the same functions as an applicant tracking system (ATS), including automating emails, meeting requests, and document signing. Some software solutions are marketed as both.

The importance of efficient onboarding

Onboarding matters. It shouldn’t be confused with employee orientation, which is important, but only a small piece of the onboarding process. This onboarding checklist includes essential tasks like:

  • Advertising, interviewing, and negotiation
  • Hiring offers, employment paperwork, and contracts
  • Orientation, benefits packages, and initial training
  • Ongoing personalized training and mentoring for months after the hire

Onboarding is not just an important part of hiring quality employees; it is the entire process of attracting talent and setting them up to be as successful as possible.

How an ATS like Wizehire can help

Depending on the size of your company, the hiring and onboarding process can include dozens, if not hundreds, of small tasks and interactions with the new hire. While you may have a documented plan for each of these parts, managing them and documenting them all can be truly overwhelming.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) breaks down the onboarding process into manageable chunks and helps you get tasks done on time and with minimal effort. From sending out interview requests to getting employment contracts signed, the Wizehire software system tracks it all. You can work within a secure dashboard that keeps everything in one place, from applicant emails to hiring offers.

The information in the ATS doesn’t just go away when the applicant is hired, either. Once they become an employee, you can continue to track and manage their important information as they transition to being part of your team. It reduces the need to “recreate the wheel” for employees; there’s no need for a separate tool for candidates and employees.

Best practices for onboarding new employees

Job sites like Glassdoor are full of nightmare stories from candidates who were “ghosted during the hiring process or didn’t feel their time was respected. While some companies may have truly horrible onboarding processes, most make honest mistakes. Hiring involves so many tasks, and it’s easy to leave even an outstanding candidate waiting for the next steps.

To create an excellent onboarding experience, and keep employees happy, use an ATS from the very first moment of candidate outreach. Continue using it to document each step in the onboarding process, even after you’ve shared a job offer.

When should you stop using an ATS? Ideally, you can keep tracking employees for the duration of their employment. As candidates come and go, refer friends, and move up the ladder, an ATS keeps everything organized, documented, and secure. It’s one of the best ways to assist internal stakeholders while impressing your employees.

But to realize all that an ATS has to offer, you should take it for a test run. Sign up for a Wizehire demo, and learn how HR professionals are saving time and money in every part of the candidate journey.


  1. What is employee onboarding software, and how can an ATS assist?
    While an applicant tracking system (ATS) traditionally helps you recruit and hire new employees, it also has features that can boost onboarding activities. This software keeps tabs on each candidate, their journey through recruitment, and your communications with them. As they get hired, this data becomes part of their employee file, and you can continue to work with it as they get familiar with their new job.
    A quality ATS won’t handle just recruiting but the entire onboarding journey – from candidate to loyal employee!
  2. What features does Wizehire provide to facilitate onboarding?
    Wizehire simplifies every step of employee onboarding, including the hiring process. With the ability to tag and filter candidates, including based on DISC+ personality assessments, you can match the right future employee to your company’s culture and values.
    As the applicant moves through the hiring process, all communications go through the ATS. You’ll always know at a glance where each candidate is and what needs to happen before they can start their first day of work.
    Using Wizehire reduces miscommunication which helps employees feel valuable. By harnessing the tools of our employee onboarding software, you can ultimately boost employee loyalty and retention.

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