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7 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time to Hire More People for Your Business

As your business grows, so does the demand for your time and energy. Expanding your team is not a one-time event for successful businesses, but rather a continuous process that occurs as the demands of your business increase. But how do you know when it’s time to hire?

By embracing a culture of continuous hiring, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business has the resources it needs to thrive. That’s where we come in. 


In this article, we’ll explore the seven unmistakable signs that it’s time to bring more people on board.

From declining customer service quality to missed deadlines, we’ll provide practical solutions that can help you increase productivity, capitalize on growth opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction. 

By recognizing these signs, you can take confident steps to hire the right people at the right time and set your business up for success. 

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in!

1. Declining customer service quality

When your customers begin to express frustration or dissatisfaction with your service, it’s a significant warning sign that you need more staff. 

Excellent customer service is the lifeblood of any successful business, and having an understaffed team can result in longer wait times, unresolved issues, and unhappy customers. 

To retain and attract clients, you must ensure your customer service is not compromised due to an inadequate workforce.

When to hire a customer service representative or administrative assistant

As your company grows, managing the increasing workload and maintaining a high level of customer service can become challenging. 

Hiring a customer service representative (CSR) or an administrative assistant (AA) at the right time ensures that your business maintains its competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

It’s time to hire if you:

  • Have a growing customer base: As your customer base expands, the demands for timely and efficient customer support increase. 
  • Notice an increase in complaints: A sudden surge in customer complaints regarding delayed responses, miscommunications, or unresolved issues; it’s a sign that your current resources might be stretched thin. 
  • Plan on scaling your business: If your business is poised for rapid growth, proactively hiring a CSR or AA should be part of your strategy. Adding skilled support staff can boost organizational efficiency, allowing you to focus on core business areas.

Knowing when your company is ready to take on an extra customer service rep or admin assistant can be vital for maintaining top-notch customer service and staying ahead of the competition. 

2. Overwhelmed employees

If your employees are consistently working long hours, experiencing burnout, or struggling to stay on top of their responsibilities, you may need to hire additional support. 

Overworked employees can become:

  • less productive
  • less engaged
  • prone to errors 

Gallup reports that employees are 2.6 times more likely to be searching for another job if they experience burnout regularly.

Monitoring employee workload and stress levels is essential to maintaining a motivated and efficient workforce. According to the Academy to Innovate HR, it comes down to three elements: 

  • active listening so that employee needs truly resonate with managers
  • empathy as an essential foundation for measuring wellbeing
  • surveys designed in such a way that employee voices are heard

Combining these provides insight into what it takes for everyone to thrive!

3. Turning down business opportunities

When a business turns away opportunities due to a lack of resources, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to invest in more labor. 

Having an overstretched team can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue streams. 

With labor costs accounting for up to 70% of spending, it’s not surprising that businesses often delay workforce expansion. 

Hiring more support can help you: 

  • capitalize on growth opportunities 
  • increase revenue streams without compromising the quality of service 
  • create greater efficiency and productivity
  • utilize existing resources and improve customer satisfaction

Before turning down new growth opportunities, consider investing in additional staff.

4. Reduced product and service quality

A team that’s spread too thin can need help to maintain the high standards your customers expect, leading to a decline in satisfaction and negatively impacting your reputation. 

Declining quality can manifest in many forms, from defective products and incorrect orders to longer wait times and customer service gaps. 

The consequences of poor quality can lead to: 

  • dissatisfied customers 
  • increased callbacks for repairs or replacements
  • refunds for faulty or unsatisfactory work
  • extra time dealing with customer inquiries 

Adding more team members can help maintain quality and safeguard your business’s reputation.

5. Increased absenteeism and turnover

A high rate of employee absenteeism or turnover can signal that your team is overwhelmed and needs additional support.

Consistently dealing with understaffing can lead to demotivated employees and decreased productivity. 

Consider an ‘always hiring’ strategy if this sounds familiar. 

An “always hiring” strategy differs from traditional hiring methods in that small businesses constantly look for potential employees, even when there’s no need to fill a specific role immediately. 

This forward-thinking approach provides several benefits for your business:

  • Reduce vacancies and build a pipeline of potential candidates
  • Adapt to changing needs while engaging with new talent and fresh perspectives
  • Improve your brand by demonstrating a commitment to growth and development 

Take the guesswork out of recruiting and gain the support you need to operate an always-hiring strategy confidently. 

Let Wizehire be your partner in building a winning team to drive your business forward.

6. Missed deadlines and frustrated clients

Failure to meet client expectations can damage your reputation and lead to lost business. 

Expanding your team can help address these issues, improve client satisfaction, and increase workload capacity.

When to hire more employees

Signs 2-6 all point to the same conclusion: it’s time to expand your workforce. As demand for your products and services increases, so does the need for a talented and skilled team to meet those demands. 

You can succeed in workforce expansion by analyzing the different aspects of your industry, recognizing your company’s specific needs, and using effective hiring techniques.

Key indicators: 

  • Increased demand: Monitor customer inquiries, online reviews, and sales trends to assess the need for expanding your team.
  • Seasonal fluctuations: Some industries experience higher demand during certain seasons. For instance, HVAC services require additional installers during the summer and winter, while an automotive repair shop might need more auto techs during busy travel seasons.
  • Technological developments: Advancements in your industry may change the skill requirements for future jobs and demand more specialized personnel.

Expanding your workforce successfully requires a thorough understanding of market dynamics, current industry trends, and effective talent acquisition techniques

Recognize and act on these growth indicators, create competitive employment packages, and utilize targeted hiring strategies to attract and retain skilled professionals that will grow with your business.

7. No time for essential business tasks

If you’re struggling to find time for crucial tasks such as finance, bookkeeping, and daily paperwork, it’s time to hire more people. 

Keeping up on essential administrative functions can lead to financial and legal issues, hindering your business’s growth. 

Bringing on more staff or outsourcing specific tasks can help alleviate the burden and ensure your business remains on track.

When to hire an office manager

An office manager can be vital in keeping operations running smoothly, especially when things become chaotic or overwhelming. 

Knowing when to make that decision can significantly impact your business, so here are some key indicators that it’s time to hire an office manager:

  • Crucial admin tasks such as scheduling, documentation, and managing resources need to catch up or get done.
  • You notice a communication breakdown, leading to misinformation, missed deadlines, or employee dissatisfaction.
  • You or your employees spend valuable time on administrative tasks instead of focusing on core business activities.

If these signs resonate with your current situation, it’s time to consider bringing a skilled and experienced office manager on board. 

This investment can lead to increased productivity, improved employee communication and morale, and better organization – ultimately leading to a more successful and profitable business.

By investing in your team, you can increase productivity, capitalize on growth opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Don’t let burnout and missed opportunities prevent you from achieving your business goals. 

Talk to a hiring coach today and get the guidance you need to take the next step. 

Whether you need help identifying the right time to hire, finding top talent, or creating a successful onboarding process, a hiring coach can help. 

Take action today and build your team to take your business to new heights.

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