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2 Types of Buyers Agents… Who Knew?

Do you Buyers Agents prospect for their own leads or do you provide them? Your answer guides the type of Buyers Agents you should be hiring.
Our DISC+ behavioral and motivational profiles research which studied all of the roles in real estate agencies, shows that there are two very distinct kinds of Buyers Agents. And, they each excel in separate environments.

It’s the leads.

How they receive leads is what separates them. Depending on the level of support the agent receives from their agency, the degree of salesmanship needed and the structure provided, different profiles are required. We call those distinct profiles: The Hunter and The Helper (think of The Helper in terms of a Consultative salesperson). There are 3 main variables that determine which profile is ideal:
  • Degree of Selling: In high sales support environments well-qualified leads are provided to Helper (Consultative) Buyers Agents. In low sales support situations, Hunter Buyers Agents are expected to prospect, hunt and generate their own leads.
  • Degree of Support: In high personal support environments, Helper (Consultative) Buyers Agents enjoy personal support from training and mentoring. In low personal support situations, Hunter Buyers Agents are left to their own accord with cursory support.
  • Degree of Systems: In high systems environments Helper (Consultative) Agents love the processes, systems, scripts and rules in place. In low systems environments, Hunter Agents prefer being treated as true independent contractors.

What exists for your BA’s?

There will be environments that fall somewhere in the middle, but it’s vital to examine what exists in your organization. Mainly because where sales support, personal support and systems are found to be high, the Helper (Consultative) Buyers Agent profiles are more similar to operations people or admin roles. They require a lot more of the DISC’s C (Cautious) and a more Regulatory motivational structure.

Hunters generate their own.

Where low sales support, personal support or systems are found, Hunter Buyers Agents are responsible for generating their own leads through prospecting, qualifying, and then walking them through the support functions to a close. One of the biggest mistakes we find our clients making is that they assume the universal title “Buyers Agent” implies the same thing to everyone. What they fail to realize is – depending on the way they do or don’t provide leads – it requires a very different personality profile. Yes, they both work with buyers, but that Hunter/Helper aspect makes a world of difference. Want to make sure your next Buyer’s Agent has the right skills?
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