How WizeHire works for you

WizeHire equips you with easy-to-use software and expert hiring coaches so you find great people and get the support you need every step of the way.


Create your top-performing job ad.

Industry-approved job templates

Create your job ad in 3 minutes or less with templates reviewed by subject matter experts

Expert hiring coach advice + support

Maximize your job visibility with help from coaches on the right job title, a competitive salary range, and more

One-click posting to 100+ job boards

Let jobseekers apply on their favorite job sites including Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, and more

Step #2

Assess qualified applicants.

In-depth applicant screening

Include questions you should be asking about licenses, experience, and more with answers in their profile

DISC+ personality assessments

See valuable personal insights resumes don’t provide, so you narrow down your applicants faster

Detailed candidate profiles

Find each applicant’s resume, DISC profile, answers to screening questions, and more, all in one place

Step #3

Interview top candidates.

Easy interview scheduling

Connect your calendar, set your availability, and schedule phone, video, and in-person interviews

Step-by-step interview guides

Get the important questions answered at every stage, so you move the right candidates forward

Secure messaging system

Communicate with your candidates from right inside your dashboard

Step #4

Manage your hiring process.

#1 rated applicant tracking system

See your candidates that apply from all 100+ job boards in one easy-to-use dashboard

Customizable hiring stages

Personalize your job dashboard to match your company’s unique recruiting process

Candidate tags and filters

Organize, sort, and rank candidates by personality fit and their answers to your screening questions

Step #5

Make the right hire.

Congrats! You hired someone great. From posting your first job ad to your new employee’s first day and beyond, we’re here to set you up for success.

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