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The challenge

Tammi was working around the clock in her real estate business. She was inundated with open houses and clients meetings during the day, leaving her with admin work to do at night. She knew she needed to hire, but struggled to find the right fit for her vital support role.

Tammi had been relying on recommendations from other realtors to fill positions. Every time, she found herself molding the job around the new hire's personality. What she really needed was talent who would anticipate her needs and support her, so she could focus on selling more homes.
How Wizehire worked for Tammi
Relied on referrals who weren't the right fit, slowing down the hiring process
Was unsure what personality strengths were key for her open admin role
Worked 24/7 doing administrative tasks that took time away from growing her business
With Wizehire
Attracted the right talent faster from a wider pool of candidates on 100+ job boards
Leveraged the DISC+ assessment to find candidates with the ideal personality for her role
Successfully hired a support team to close more sales and still has the same executive assistant 2 years later
“My focus on who I bring on is super important to me. Do they match my team culture?

I was working 24/7 curled up with my laptop at midnight and doing administrative business that I didn't have time to do during the day and now I can really focus on sales."

Customer - Tammi Stuart

Tammi Stuart

CEO & Fonuder of The Stuart Group

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