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Post your job in two minutes

Adding a job is easy. All we need is the title, a good description, and the city and state.

The real magic happens when you select the job type (e.g. listing specialist, buyer's agent, inside sales). We'll use this along with decades of data and insights to focus on finding successful candidates for your job opening.

Less guesswork, more data

Hiring the wrong agent is both costly and frustrating. WizeHire surfaces top candidates who are more likely to stay with you and perform well. We base these conclusions on cutting-edge cognitive science, organizational psychology, and machine learning. We go deeper than a simple "yes or no" conclusion and provide you the right context to make your decisions.

Reach millions of candidates

With one click your jobs will automatically be shown on over 60 job boards, broadening your reach to over 65 million job seekers on top job sites, such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

Learn more with every interview

When you're ready to interview a candidate, use our personalized interview guides to learn more about a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

One-click job invitations

You shouldn't have to bother firing up Outlook just to invite your top prospects to apply. WizeHire takes care of the invitation process. We'll even remind candidates about incomplete applications, so you don't have to worry.

Simple social network sharing

Some of today's best candidates come through social media. With a few clicks you can invite the world to apply to your positions. WizeHire lets you post jobs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Instant and daily notifications

With WizeHire you'll never miss activity in your applicant pool. In competitive markets, our configurable notifications will give you an advantage against your competitors, so you can win great hires.

An insane value

Hiring great people is the lifeblood of your company. The costs of a bad hire are clear. We built WizeHire to improve teams of all types and sizes, and do so at an incredible value.

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