Low C - flexible in the workplace

Innovator Overview

Each letter of DISC represents certain behaviors and characteristics. The C (cautious) illustrates how people utilize established procedures and standards. C personality types are either more methodical or flexible.

What is a low C personality type?

An Innovator is someone who has a low C personality type in their DISC profile and is flexible and innovative. They are more independent than someone with a high C personality type who strictly follows rules and standard operating procedures. 

Low C personality traits

A person that has the Innovator personality thinks of rules only as guidelines that may be bent or broken as necessary to obtain results. The Innovator is easy-going and adjusts to whatever life throws at them.

Innovator personality traits:
  • Innovative when experimenting with new ideas
  • Unconventional and not bound by rules or traditions
  • Independent and uninhibited
  • Flexible without formal constraints
  • Creative and inventive in their approach

Strengths and drawbacks

Every personality type has strengths and weaknesses. These are often amplified in professional settings where we encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Strengths: how they bring value to the team
  • Take ownership over results and are comfortable with responsibility
  • Experiment to find the best solution
  • Adapt easily to different situations
  • Approach situations creatively with innovative ideas
Potential drawbacks: challenges they’ll need to overcome
  • Resist authority when others try to limit autonomy
  • Take constructive criticism too personally
  • Need some help with time management and attention to detail
  • Challenge rules that are valid and important, simply because they already exist
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Communication style

Communicating with low C personality type

Conversations should be direct, using candid language. Stay on topic and orient toward business instead of small talk. Meetings should be brief and only scheduled when necessary. Emails should stick to the big picture with few facts and details.

How to give feedback to low C personality type

Feedback should be direct and focused on the overall results, not the specifics.

Resolving conflicts with low C personality type

Conflict can be a powerful tool to discover new solutions and ideas, but make sure to keep it high-level and objective-oriented rather than overly specific.

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Energizers and drainers

When people experience stress or dissatisfaction at work, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize and drain each personality type.

Innovators tend to be energized by…
  • Finding new ways to do things
  • Challenging existing practices and procedures
  • Breaking down complex systems
  • Working independently on projects
Innovators tend to be drained by…
  • Having to support every thought with facts
  • Getting feedback at regular intervals
  • Working in rigid environments where they can’t take chances
  • Following restrictions such as timelines and strict rules

Best jobs with a low C personality type

The best jobs for low C's require responsibilities where their nature allows them to truly shine. Below are examples of jobs that suit this personality type the best. Remember, each letter is only one piece of the puzzle. View all our job descriptions and DISC profiles to see what jobs this personality fits best.