High I - outgoing in the workplace

Influencer Overview

Each letter of DISC represents certain behaviors and characteristics. The I (interactive) illustrates how people interact with others. I personality types are either more outgoing or reserved when it comes to interacting with people.

What is a high I personality type?

A person with a high I personality type in their DISC profile is an Influencer. An Influencer likes to interact with people and is very outgoing. They like to be around people and socialize more than someone with a low I personality type who is more reserved.

High I personality traits

A person that has the Influencer personality type likes to persuade people. People are attracted to their outgoing personality.

Influencer personality traits:
  • Interactive in new situations
  • Persuasive to impact others’ thoughts and opinions
  • Charming when building rapport
  • Talkative when meeting new people
  • Magnetic in personal and professional settings

Strengths and drawbacks

Every personality type has strengths and weaknesses. These are often amplified in professional settings where we encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Strengths: how they bring value to the team
  • Place high priority on personal interactions and relationships
  • Bring high energy and a sense of fun to the team
  • Convince others using charisma
  • Bring people together
Potential drawbacks: challenges they’ll need to overcome
  • Spend more time with people than on tasks
  • Place too much importance on “being liked”
  • Pursue too many opportunities all at once
  • May get emotional during conversations
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Communication style

Communicating with high I personality type

Use a casual tone, use humor and personal anecdotes frequently, and describe past events vividly. Meetings should be done in person so they can interact with others. Emails should be friendly, casual, and personal to build rapport.

How to give feedback to high I personality type

Feedback should be delivered with encouragement in a positive manner.

Resolving conflicts with high I personality type

Conflict is a powerful tool to discover new solutions and ideas. You should engage in lively debate and exchange thoughts and opinions.

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Energizers and drainers

When people experience stress or dissatisfaction at work, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize and drain each personality type.

Influencers tend to be energized by…
  • Solving problems with diplomacy and openness
  • Collaborating regularly alongside others instead of working in isolation
  • Going on new adventures and pursuing interesting opportunities
  • Interacting with new people
Influencers tend to be drained by…
  • Being systematic and rudimentary
  • Sticking to timelines and processes
  • Spending a lot of time researching the root causes of a problem
  • Working in isolation, without sufficient human interaction

Best jobs with a high I personality type

The best jobs for high I's require responsibilities where their nature allows them to truly shine. Below are examples of jobs that suit this personality type the best. Remember, each letter is only one piece of the puzzle. View all our job descriptions and DISC profiles to see what jobs this personality fits best.