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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant job overview

A dental assistant provides direct support to dentists and performs administrative tasks for the dental office. Responsibilities include getting the chair-side dental area ready for patients, preparing any necessary dental instruments and equipment such as x-ray machines, anesthetics, and impression materials, and assisting dentists with examinations and procedures. Dental assistants also greet patients upon arrival to the office, obtain patient records, ensure the appropriate paperwork is filled out and filed, answer phone calls, and schedule appointments for dental visits. Dental assistants work at a dentist’s office.

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Dental Assistant job summary

We’re looking for a full-time, friendly dental assistant for our office. Your primary job will be to assist our dentists in serving our patients to ensure they leave our practice with a smile. Additional dental assisting responsibilities include preparing the work area and equipment for exams or procedures, as well as administrative duties like obtaining dental records and scheduling appointments. Job seekers should have superb organizational skills and love talking to people. Ready to join the team? Start your application today!


Ashburn, VA
Dental Assistant responsibilities
  • Sterilize and lay out dental instruments and get all equipment ready, such as x-ray machines, anesthetics, and impression materials, to prepare treatment rooms for examinations and dental procedures
  • Assist dentists and dental hygienists during any procedures or examinations by handing off dental instruments and ensure each patient's mouth is comfortable, dry, and accessible to the dentist
  • Perform administrative duties such as greeting patients, answering phone calls and setting up appointments for dental visits, ordering dental supplies, and handling billing
  • Provide postoperative instructions to patients so they are informed about how to care for their teeth and gums after procedures to prevent infection
  • Write down treatment information after every visit and ensure patient records include current dental histories
  • Provide patients with oral hygiene advice to make sure they maintain pristine dental care a healthy smile
Dental Assistant qualifications
  • Must have an associate degree in an accredited dental assistant program
  • Basic data entry and computer skills
  • Ability to provide superb patient care and customer service
  • Excellent multitasking, interpersonal, and communication skills
Dental Assistant compensation

$17.70 / hour (National Average)

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