Why Team Leaders Should Hire an Inside Sales Agent

As a real estate business owner, maximizing your team’s productivity is a key focus. You can achieve this outcome by utilizing people in specialized roles that empower them to perform their best work. Following this strategy is especially vital if you wish to convert more leads into clients and why we, at Workman Success Systems, strongly recommend you hire an inside sales agent (ISA).

On a real estate team, the ISA is your lead conversion guru. This person has domain knowledge in both sales and real estate, so they are able to expertly guide leads through the sales process. Hiring an ISA takes the burden of lead generation, nurturing, and conversion off of your plate, and allows you to focus your energy on other aspects of growing your business. Here’s why hiring an ISA will be a game-changer for your business.

Prospect More Efficiently

While cold calling and door-knocking can be good strategies for bringing in leads, they can also be intensely time-consuming activities. It takes an average of six calls to convert a cold lead and anywhere from three hours to a full day just to knock on 100 doors. If these are your main strategies for growing your client base, you’re probably going to feel like your effort outweighs your results. The truth is, to see rapid growth in your business, you need to isolate the prospecting and conversion process and create sales positions around that focus.

Your ISA will specifically help you work online leads. Because 44 percent of people begin their home search online these days, it’s essential to prospect internet leads. In the amount of time it takes an outside salesperson to walk from one street to the next knocking on doors, a salesperson working online leads can reach hundreds or even thousands of people through calls, texts, emails, or chats. The vast number of leads an ISA is able to work with will significantly speed up the growth of your business.

While you could technically prospect for online leads yourself, it’s more beneficial for you as the leader of your team to spend your time improving your relationships with clients, managing your business, and leading your team. If you add someone to your team who has expertise in inside sales, they’ll do a better job with less effort and your business will run more smoothly. 

Improve Your Follow-Up Strategy

Although 80 percent of sales are made after the third contact, most salespeople give up after just one or two touches. To convert leads, you need to devote a lot of time to following up. If you try to do this all yourself, you may not have the consistency it takes to be truly effective in your follow-up. 

Because your ISA is dedicated to leads, they’ll be able to devote enough time to following up, and you’ll start converting more of your C and B leads. While you may have thought a certain lead was a lost cause, a few follow-ups later and you’ll see they simply needed more time.  

A solid follow-up strategy is an essential part of the real estate game, but it’s common for team leaders to get so busy they don’t take the time to create one. Hire an ISA who can help you with this and start planning ahead of time. Download Workman Success Systems’ free business strategy workbook to get started.

Measure Results 

One of the responsibilities of an ISA is to measure how effective your team is at converting leads. Without an ISA, many people skip measuring results because they don’t realize how much this helps convert more leads in the future. With an ISA, though, your team can follow the data as they track each method of lead generation and conversion and point out areas that need improvement as well as strategies that are working well.

Build More Genuine Relationships with Clients

Genuine connections are vital in real estate. Unfortunately, there’s a limited amount of time in a day, and it can be difficult to nurture every client relationship in your database into a genuine connection. That’s where your ISA comes in to support you in cultivating those connections.

Your ISA can help keep you at the front of mind for your clients. They can spend time checking in to see if your client needs anything. This isn’t a complete substitute for a personal interaction with you, but it can add to the strength of your connection. If your ISA is professional, friendly, and provides value, clients will appreciate the effort taken to reach out. 

Increase Conversions by Analyzing Leads 

Your ISA should be a specialist in lead conversion. They’ll have the expertise needed to analyze where leads are in the sales funnel and can work with the lead to move them along the sales process. 

Without the help of an ISA, many agents don’t take the time to analyze leads. This means they may be pursuing too many leads that aren’t close to conversion and not enough time with leads that are close to conversion. When you have the help of a specialist, they will figure out exactly what each lead needs to move closer to becoming a client. 

Earn More in Less Time

When you aren’t efficient at finding and converting leads, the process starts cutting into your free time that should be spent with your loved ones or on your hobbies. With an ISA, you can step away at the end of the work day, knowing that you’ll still find enough leads and increase your income, even if you’re not constantly working.Isn’t that the ideal situation for anyone?

You don’t need to skip family dinners or catching up with friends to have a successful and growing real estate business. You don’t need to feel burnt out by your job. All you need is a team member who dominates when it comes to working leads. You need an ISA. 

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