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Top 3 Ways to Retain Automotive Talent

Across the country, car dealerships are struggling to keep up with demand as they operate with a shrinking staff:

Wizehire is on a mission to help you make the right hires almost every time.  Individuals who commit to career growth at your dealership.

 So you have consistent, and long-term success year after year.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why skilled automotive workers are leaving the industry
  • What high turnover is costing your dealership
  • How successful auto dealerships are retaining talent

Why skilled automotive workers are leaving the industry

Why so much employee turnover? Reports point to less than optimal payment plans, employee burnout, and lack of management support.

Why people are leaving the automotive industry


What high turnover is costing your dealership

Loss of customersLoss of reputationLoss of production & revenue
 More people are choosing to service their cars instead of buying new ones due to the high cost and low supply of new vehicles. This higher demand for maintenance on older cars requires more skilled technicians, but there are not enough workers to meet the demand.According to a J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study, car owners now wait almost a full day longer for a service appointment compared to last year. Some shops even have 4-7 day wait times.High turnover means heavily relying on the employees that do stay. In fact, the annual estimated cost of burnout according to Spring Health is $125-$190 billion dollars. Employee turnover because of burnout is estimated to cost organizations about $15,000 per employee.  A decrease in productivity and loss of revenue puts more pressure on dealerships.

💡What is the total cost of high turnover? Losing one tech can cost a typical dealership $172,000 when considering lost production, lost revenue, and the price of finding a replacement. Employee retention is vital for your dealership.

How successful dealerships are retaining skilled automotive talent

To retain the talent you already have, many successful auto dealerships are rethinking their benefits and incentives. 

Hire skilled automotive workers who want to grow with your dealership

Local business owner, Bill Griffin, the co-owner of Griffin’s Neighborhood Auto Clinic in Farmington Hills MI,  stated: 

“It just seems like every position takes a lot more to fill than before. It’s become common for people to not even answer you back for an interview. It’s forced us to think about our hiring process more.”

We know that high-quality automotive talent is hard to find and keeping that talent is even harder. Finally, Wizehire helps you find skilled sales reps and service techs that want to grow with your dealership, so you’re prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

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