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Optimize Your Talent Acquisition: Streamlined Job Posting with Wizehire

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a great job posting. Think of it as your first impression. . .and there’s often little chance of a second meeting. In many cases, your job posting may be the first time a prospective employee learns about your organization and the career you can offer them, making it one of the most important and effective ways to attract the right talent and enhance your recruitment strategy.  That’s why, at Wizehire, we take the complexity out of critical functions like posting jobs — and streamline your talent acquisition efforts.  In this blog, we’ll explore the essential features, benefits and strategies for publishing job postings that yield positive results. By the time you finish reading these tips, you’ll feel more confident in you and your team’s postings (and your whole organization will reap the rewards). 

Mastering job posting: attract top talent with Wizehire

First, let’s answer an important question: What makes an effective job posting? First and foremost, an effective job posting is compelling, informative, and easy to read.  Think of posting jobs like you’re placing an ad  (after all, postings are essentially ads for your organization’s open positions). Accordingly, a high-yield job posting will intrigue potential applicants from the very beginning, courtesy of a stellar job summary.  Your job summary typically amounts to a two or three sentence description, and when devising these descriptions — which Wizehire can help you do via our pre-written job templates — you should put yourself in the applicant’s shoes: What do they need to know, and what can you tell them to answer crucial questions like, “What’s in it for me? What makes this opportunity unique? Why will I love it?”  If you can hook the reader and answer that question in the span of a few sentences, you have the makings of an effective job posting. That’s only the beginning, though.  Consider this: What type of keywords will a candidate use when searching for a job with your company? These words may be different from the internal language you and your team use when describing the opening or its responsibilities, but it’s critical to align the language on your job board with keywords most likely used by job searchers (think: “Director of Sales” or “Senior Software Engineer” instead of “Software Engineer IV.”) This is important to remember for your recruitment strategy, too: Always use the same terminology as your recruits. Also, note that job board optimization is just one of the features available to you through Wizehire (more details below).  While we’re on the subject of job boards, let’s talk about the dual elephants in the room: jargon and cliches. Many job advertisements are overflowing with business-speak and table-stakes language that risks alienating or even boring potential applicants. Applicants understand that they should be a “dynamic” and hardworking “team player” who is accustomed to working in a “fast-paced environment”; using that language takes up valuable real estate on a posting that should entice the reader as quickly as possible.  Further, in order for a posting to be truly effective, it will also do a little legwork for you by including a must-have list of requirements. You may still receive applications from candidates who don’t have all of the qualifications you’re seeking, but a prominent rundown of must-have credentials can significantly narrow your applicant pool. For that same reason, you might want to consider including screener questions: questions tied to specific requirements (e.g., a bachelor’s degree, a certain number of years of experience). These questions can aid your recruitment strategy by effectively acting as a “first step” of your hiring process, filtering out certain applicants who don’t have the precise credentials you need.  There’s both an art and a science to this — and Wizehire helps with both. 

Key features of Wizehire for efficient job posting 

Before starting your job posting, it’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the ins, outs, and intricacies of the job you’re striving to fill. This includes any nuances that may be specific to the location of the office or the market in which your new hire will be operating.  Additionally, many states now require employers to disclose salary details when posting job advertisements. This means the same exact job posting won’t work in both California (where salary disclosure is required) and Texas (where it’s not).  Fortunately, Wizehire has several features designed to help you navigate nuances like this. Our high-quality, industry-tested job templates can help you home in on the applicants you’re seeking and, better yet, cut down on time spent reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Wizehire also offers quality reviews for your job advertisement and expert advice tailored to the specific job markets in which you’re hiring. While our software features can get you further down the road to your hiring goals, we don’t stop there: Wizehire merges powerful tools with the personalized, expert touch needed to find top talent. We’re here to help, so let’s get started.
Ready to find the best possible fit for every role in your organization? Wizhire can help. Check out the pricing page and start creating highly effective job postings. 

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