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Monica Reynolds’ Secret for Real Estate Success

Monica Reynolds believes success in real estate comes from hiring great admins. It’s time you “leverage yourself with talent and a team.”

When and Why to Hire a Real Estate Admin

We sat down with Monica Reynolds, a real estate industry icon, to learn when and why to hire a Real Estate Admin. She’s been an advocate for admins for 40 years and believes they are a real estate agent’s secret weapon. In Monica’s experience success comes from delegating and leveraging your time.   Here are some common reasons you need to hire help:
  • Your goal is to 2X or 3X your business ????
  • You’re focused on too many tasks that don’t make money ????
  • You hate paperwork ????????
  • You’ve lost business—and blame yourself ????
You’re stuck and want to keep growing. If you are working at least 40-50 transactions and want to get to 100 or 150, you can’t do it alone! The complexity of the real estate process and human bandwidth just can’t handle more than that. When Monica Reynolds brought on her first assistant she went from 50 deals to 100 in under a year. And then added 50 more the following year. With the help of an assistant or two, you can double or triple your output. Are you ready for that type of growth?

You need help to 2X your business.

  You’re doing everything—and hating it. There are a ton of moving parts to real estate transactions and not all of them directly generate cash flow. Your admin’s goal is to help you focus on revenue generation and take the activities without dollar signs off of your plate. Most agents hate paperwork, and once they start delegating, they don’t look back.

Your assistant helps you follow the money.

  Are you tired of losing deals? If you lost business because you’re too busy to focus on follow up, it’s definitely time to bring on an assistant. Have you ever driven by a home with a competitor’s sign on it and only then remember that the homeowner called you last week but you forgot to call them back? You just lost money! If you had an administrative assistant, how much time could you dedicate to follow up every day? You got into real estate because you’re great at sales. Building a business is that natural next step. As Monica says: “If you want to create a business, you need to leverage yourself with talent and a team.” Are you ready for an assistant? If you’re asking yourself that question, you probably needed one yesterday!
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